Why Your Hotel Linens Might Not Be Clean

Your hotel’s cleaning staff might feel a sense of relief when they place freshly washed linens on one of the beds. They don’t realize that the room they just cleaned is not perfect.

You are now starting to look at what your staff might be doing wrong, based on recent negative publicity about your hotel or the potential bad publicity that you have avoided.

However, not all problems are visible to the naked eye.

Your hotel linens could still have bacteria, mildew, and mites even after you’ve cleaned them.

Let us tell you why your hotel linens might be stained before you rush to clean them.

  1. It is not possible to hang towels properly.

These guests are the ones you know – they throw their towels all over the floors and counter tops before they leave. Even if they do not request cleaning services, some guests may leave towels in this state for several days. These towels can then be a breeding ground mildew.

It may not seem that much to a guest to care for the linens, but it is important to the person cleaning them. Even after being washed, towels can still harbour mildew. The towels are then distributed to the guest who is checking in. The towel may look clean but mildew has survived the most recent wash cycle. It is now ready to take over.

  1. The bodily fluids can stain hotel linens.

We won’t go into too much detail, but it is possible for stains to slip by unnoticed. The item appears clean until the guest inspects it. The guest examines their sheets and discovers a yellowish mark on the white pillowcase.

Although the bacteria in the guest’s saliva may have vanished, it was still there. This is something you need to be very cautious about as a hotel manager. Even a clean piece can look dirty.

  1. It is not possible to wash hotel linens properly.

Eager to wash linens in a timely manner can lead to carelessness when laundering materials. Linens that are not properly washed can still contain bacteria .

As long as the garment’s appearance doesn’t change, bacteria or dust mites may slip through unnoticed. It is possible for germ-laden linen to slip through the cracks, and infect other laundry items.

This is how you clean up your act.

These reasons are entirely out of your hands. You cannot stop guests from dumping towels on the floor. It’s not possible to spend hours looking at every inch of linen for drool spots. You can wash hotel linens more efficiently, but it will still take you a while to complete the task and get it right.

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