Which hotel linen makes customers comfortable?

What do you want customers to remember about you?

We all share the same goal: to make our guests happy, no matter if you are competing for the title of the most budget-friendly hotel.

There are many things that guests will enjoy, other than the great tourist attractions just a few steps from their hotel. But it comes down to the experience they have in their rooms.

The Guest Experience: How linens shape it

The linens you provide are a large part of the lodging experience for your guests.

The right selection of hotel linens can make a big difference in your overhead expenses. This is simply one of the most important investments you can make. Which are your options? What are your options? How can you choose the right one for you? This is what you need to know regarding hotel linens.

Bed Linens

You will find bed linens that include sheets, blankets, pillow covers, duvet covers, and pillows. These items all contribute to the overall quality of your hotel rooms. The majority of bed linens available on the market today are made from 100% cotton or synthetic (polyester, or poly-cotton mix) materials. The most important difference is the thread count. This is the number of threads per square inch of the sheet. Higher thread counts feel more luxurious and soft, so they are more expensive.

Cotton is more breathable than poly-cotton, but polyester and poly-cotton offer better options for those who want products that are stronger, more durable, more easily maintained, and last longer. This is the best choice if you are looking for colored sheets to use in your hotel linens.

Robes , Bath Mats, & Towels

A scuffed, thin, or faded towel on freshly-baked skin is not something anyone wants. Even guests with low maintenance will love the softness and comfort of a plush towel after a warm, relaxing bath or shower. Your hotel’s experience can be transformed by the right selection of towels and robes.

There are many options for towels, but the most popular ones are the terrycloth cotton towels or the more luxurious Egyptian cotton towel. Consider the color and material when choosing towels. While white is the most popular, the right color can make a big difference in your bathroom’s aesthetics.

Why you should outsource your hotel linen service

The choice of linens is only half the equation. How you care for your linens is the other half. Without proper maintenance, your luxury sheets and towels with high thread counts won’t last for very long.

Outsourcing your hotel linen services is the smartest choice. It will ensure that your hotel guests receive high-quality linens and maintain quality. Here’s why:


You need to have the right mix of industrial equipment and expertise to maintain high quality linens. These items can be costly if you invest on your own. It is not a commitment to quality linen services that outsourcing the services means. The service provider bears the cost of maintaining the necessary linen supply.


Towels and bed linens are among the most intimate linens. Even the most experienced traveler can be intimidated by the idea of sharing them with strangers. You will need to invest in the equipment and people to ensure industry-certified cleanliness of your towels and sheets. There are also ongoing training and certification requirements. You can also hire a commercial linen provider who is equipped to handle all of this.

Easy Update

Outsourced linen services are a great option for hotels, whether you need to upgrade volume or simply want to update your bedroom with new linens and towels.

Ulentextile is the Linen Provider you Need!

Each opportunity to create a memorable guest experience is an opportunity for your brand to grow. You can outsource your hotel linen services to ensure your guests have the best experience possible, while avoiding the hassle of managing your own linens.

Ulentextile can assist you with all your hotel linen needs. Call us at [email protected] today!

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