Which Hospitality Supply Purchasing is best for you

A purchase manager is needed to ensure that you get the best quality, quantity, and price from the suppliers. There are many options and buying methods that can be used to select a supplier for hospitality. BnB owners who have fewer rooms might not be able to meet the large-wholesale pricing requirements for Hotel Towels. However, casinos and large resorts may not be interested in small vendors’ supplies. Hoteliers today love the convenience of one-stop shopping.

This general comparison will help you understand the differences between formalbuying and informal.

Two Hospitality Supply Buying Methods

Hoteliers need to be informed about all options to choose the right supplier for the right products. The goal of a hotelier purchasing is to shift from routine order-placing to thoughtful, considerate buying. I.E.: The best suppliers meet or exceed hotel supply requirements. Hoteliers can choose from either a formal or informal buying strategy. This will allow you to streamline your operation.


Basic management principles must be incorporated into the buying process of hospitality professionals. Stocking hotel supplies is costly. Operating problems can arise from incorrectly purchased products. Even small lodging properties should follow a well-organized process.

Hoteliers might order from the same supplier often. They may choose to buy from a supplier they trust completely. Some customers of Ulen textile may call to place their orders. Our customer service team places an order without asking about the purchase price. We know that all of our products are available online and offer full transparency.

Hospitality managers are often very busy and cannot remember details about the purchases of hundreds or more products. Managers must maintain a record-keeping system. A PDF attachment or an email invoice will usually confirm the price, quantity and quality of hospitality supplies.


For hotels, Inns and VRBOs that require simple record-keeping, invoices can be sent via email or pdf. Large casinos and resorts might use a formalized purchasing system. In many cases, formal hotel supply purchasing may require some of the following procedures.

  • Large suppliers will often use an “RFP” (request for price quote). The RFP is often used as the purchase order by the successful supplier.
  • The RFP will specify the quality requirements for items purchased by hotels.
  • To ensure that all eligible hotel suppliers are eligible for RFPs, we will send them to you.
  • There are many legal and contractual issues that the operation must address. These might be part of the purchase specs and applied to all orders by the hospitality operation.
  • One copy of the purchase order is issued to the supplier. Additional copies are made for other departments on the property. Documents may be required for staff in purchasing, receiving, accounting and food and beverage.

Formal bidding is required for large operations. This includes delivery penalties and time limits, as well as other requirements.

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