What’s Included in a Hotel Toiletries Set

You can find anything in a hotel’s toiletries set, from a basic bar of soap to more luxurious items like customized lip balm or bath crystals. It all depends on how positive reviews you want ! Ulen Amenities has all the products you need to create the perfect hotel toiletries for your guests. You have the option to give your guests their own shampoos or choose from prepackaged sets. Or you can add additional amenities such as lip balms and loofahs. These are just a few of the additional amenities you should consider when designing your hotel’s toiletries sets.


Let’s begin with the basics. You must provide your hotel guests with at least one bottle of shampoo, conditioner and soap in every set of toiletries. These basic items are available in nine collections. All of them are made with sustainable formulas and come in attractive packaging.

Lip Balm

Lip balm is an additional item you can include to your hotel’s toiletries set. Each collection has lip balms that have the same scents and ingredients as the other toiletries. Our lip balm can be customized labeled with your name and lodging.

Bath Salts/ Crystals

If bath crystals are included in hotel toiletries sets, it is a sign that you are somewhere luxurious! Although it may seem trivial, bath crystals can make your stay more luxurious. You can choose from bath crystals from our muse or nurture collections, mineral bath crystals from our esa collections, non-fragrance bath Salts in the TRUE collection, bath Crystals in Hydro Spa, AMBR SPA, or sea crystals.


Mouthwash is another amenity that you won’t find in every hotel room’s bathrooms. This is another way to set your lodging apart in terms of hotel toiletry sets. Accent Amenities allows you to personalize the toiletries that you offer to your guests. We have mouthwash available in both our esa collection and our AMBR Spa collection.

Accent Amenities | Hotel Amenities Set

It’s important to create a hotel amenities package that is unique and responsive to guest needs. Guests will remember if they feel taken care of. This can lead to good reviews for your hotel. It’s fun to create unique toiletry sets.

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