What hotel supplies do you want for your hotel

The backbone of the tourism industry is hotels. More entrepreneurs are looking for hotel supplies. Others might find it difficult to open a hotel and may consider the topic of hotel supplies too complicated. With a little guidance, anyone can achieve their dreams. We can help you whether you are looking to start a hotel or renew an existing one.

You need to think beyond just clean sheets and rooms. Hotels are about more than just providing comfortable accommodation. The majority of comfort comes down to the food you serve. This article will cover everything you need to know about commercial hotel equipment and supplies. It also covers how to prepare the best food possible for your guests, including breakfast buffets and room service.

We will cover the three main categories of hotel supplies: hotel suppliesroom supplies, hotel service equipment and hotel equipment.

Hotel Restaurants Supplies

Your guests will eat at the hotel restaurant or cafeteria. It is important to pay close attention to how it is designed and maintained. These are the supplies that you’ll need to have a restaurant area.

Hotel Restaurant Furniture

The first thing to check off your hotel supplies checklist is restaurant furniture . Although buying restaurant tables and chairs may seem simple, there are many things to take into consideration.

The hotel’s decor should be reflected in the furniture. It must be both functional and appropriate for your space. This article will provide more information on choosing the right restaurant furniture for your hotel.

Silverware And Dinnerware

Silverware and dinnerware can be used to define your brand and show your guests that your are professionals. Clean and beautiful dinnerware can elevate your brand, no matter if you’re opening a motel or a luxury hotel. Make sure the dinnerware you purchase is suitable for the type of food you plan to serve at your hotel’s restaurant.

If you don’t plan your meals well, details like sauce cups or salad bowls can be overlooked. While it’s fine to serve your favorite dishes on many plates, the right cup will make your guests’ experience more enjoyable.


Menus play an important role in the construction of a hotel restaurant. The chef can decide the content of the menu board, but the design aspect is important. You can choose to use natural colors for a sophisticated look or go bolder with vibrant colors that will make your restaurant stand out. It all depends on what type of hotel restaurant your are looking to open.

The most enjoyable part of opening a restaurant is menu creation. It’s also one of your most favorite parts. Enjoy the process, experiment with colors and find what you love.

Hotel Restaurant Serving and Display Area

Next, design and build the display and serving area. It doesn’t matter if it’s a buffet breakfast or self-service area. This needs to be planned carefully. You can decide what type of restaurant you want and then invest in the supplies necessary to make your dreams come true.


  • Heater display cases and merchandisers can be great options if you want to keep your food warm and ready for guests to enjoy. To showcase your food, you could consider a countertop heated display cabinet. A heated display case will make your job easier and cut down on the wait time for your guests.
  • Refrigerated storage cabinets are very useful for storing desserts and cold dishes in restaurants. They are ideal for self-service areas because they can store and display both simultaneously. It doesn’t matter if you need a countertop or floor display cabinet, it is essential that this item be included in your hotel supplies.
  • Hot-food serving counters can be used in cafeteria-type restaurants. These counters will make it easier to store and serve cooked food quickly. These counters can be used at outdoor events or in the lobby by you investing in a mobile version.
  • Cold food serving tables serve the same purpose but are used to preserve and serve foods that require cooling.
  • Buffet warmers are available in a variety of models. These models include self-serve or service. There are many options for buffet warmers if you want to offer your guests a buffet option.
  • Cold beverage display boxes, hot beverage dispensers and hot beverage display cases should all be on your hotel supplies shopping list. Access to your comfort beverage and favorite meal is the best way to feel at home. Hotels are temporary homes for travelers.

Hotel Bar Supplies

Hotel supplies may be slightly different from hotel supplies, but they are very similar. To create a bar that is worthy of your hotel, you will need some additional equipment.

  • Hotel bars must have commercial ice makers A commercial ice machine is the best hotel supply, but it’s important to ensure that the bar has access to it at all times. To store the ice from your commercial icemaker, you could either get a separate bar ice machine or a commercial commercial ice bin. To make an informed decision, you can read our article on ice makers .
  • Cocktail glasses Are essential for a bar. It is obvious that you will need the right glasses to serve the drinks.
  • Bar stool is also a common need. Every design decision you make will impact how your brand and hotel are perceived. You should choose functional, but also pleasingly designed hotel supplies for your restaurant and bar.

Hotel Room Service and Room Supplies

For guests who want to stay longer or simply need to be able to take care of their own room, it is essential to offer self-sufficient accommodation. To ensure that such guests’ wishes are fulfilled, you could provide certain hotel supplies and make arrangements for your room service.

  • Your hotel guests will look for coffee makers in the morning. A good cup of coffee is the first thing that people need before they interact :-).. A countertop coffee maker can make your guests happy and help you stand out from other hotels in the vicinity.
  • Electric kettles can be used in hotels to make instant tea or for those who love instant food. You can provide hot water through room service or on every floor, but a kettle is more popular among customers.
  • Room service supplies are essential for hotels. Your staff will be able to efficiently distribute orders from your guests with the help of a good cabinet.
  • Housekeeping equipment must be on your hotel supplies checklist, regardless of what type of hotel you’re looking to open. All hotel supplies are essential, including cleaning products, sweeps, vacuums, and paper towels.

Hotel Kitchen Equipment

You will also need to plan your hotel’s restaurant kitchen. The supplies for a hotel kitchen are not that different to a commercial kitchen. There are some details that you should pay attention to when purchasing hotel kitchen equipment because of the amount of guests a hotel kitchen can serve.


  • Commercial dishwashersare essential pieces of hotel kitchen supplies. Because there’s always a flow of dirty dishes and new orders in hotels, it is crucial that your dinnerware is clean and ready for use. There are many types of dishwashers, each with their own unique operating and installation methods. Consider the space and capacity you have to choose the right dishwasher for you.
  • Hotel restaurants need walk-in refrigeration systems . These systems are vital for any commercial kitchen, including hotel restaurants. To decide which model to buy, you will need to take into account the available space and how large it can be. To learn more about walk in refrigeration units and to determine which model is right for you, please visit our article.
  • Commercial hoods provide ventilation and clean the air in your kitchen. You will need to ensure that everything meets the requirements of fire and health codes.
  • Commercial ovens are your best choice for hotel supplies that allow you to serve fast and hot food. While a standard oven may be sufficient for your kitchen, it’s important to consider the space and capacity of the oven before you make a purchase.
  • You should also consider commercial fryers and commercial grills, as you’ll be serving a lot of burgers and fries to your guests.

To Sum Up
It is not easy to build a hotel and maintain it. However, a little planning and research can help. You can make your vision a reality by choosing the right commercial supplies for your hotel.

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