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Ulen is a prestigious supplier that offers the highest quality products. Our supplies include hotel laundry and beddings as well as other hotel and hospitality supplies.
Ulen will consider items that have a long commercial lifespan. Ulen is the premier choice for Hotels and Hospitality Supplies, regardless of its type, whether it’s laundry products or hotels, motels or anything else. Check out our product listing:
Towels Collection:
The Hotel Towels are in constant demand without compromising quality. Cam Border Shower Towels and Welspun Towels from Martex Hotel Bath Towels. Martex Hotel Hand Towels. Royal Suite Towels. Hotel Pool Towels. Hotel Beige Towels. Made from 100% cotton materialistic fabric. This towel is ideal for hospitality because it’s 100% cotton and has locks that are trimmed closes. Cam borders also ensure that it can withstand repeated washing.
Welspun Towels
Welspun towels are a comfortable and soft-silky fabric that will give your guests a warm, silky touch. Its performance and absorbency can withstand repeated washing. This bath towel is made from 100% ring-spun cotton and is soft and durable. The lavish decorative splash is created by the dobby border on this white towel.
Martex Hotel Bath Towels
The Martex Hotel bath towels collection offers a luxurious combination between softness and tenderness. It’s affordable for all your hospitality towel needs. These hotel towels, made from 100% cotton, are finished with a dobby border accent.
Martex Hotel Towels
Martex Hotel Towels have been specially designed for hotel gyms and spas. Martex hotel towels are made from 100% cotton material. Martex Hotel Hand towels offer luxury and comfortability in an ideal blend. Your skin will not be affected by the materialistic fabric.
Hotel Pool Towels
These 100% Ring-Spun Cotton pool towels are made from 100% Ring-Spun Cotton material. They have a soft, silky feel. Bleachproof Pool Towels are colorfast, stain-resistant, and bleach resistant. These pool towels have an embedded selvage that is placed on the sides. This will reduce straining after multiple washes.
Cam Border Hotel Tissues

These Cam Border Hotel Tissues are made of 86% Cotton & 14% Polyester. These towels are a great choice for hotels and motels. They are the best choice for your organization.
Royal Suite Hotel Towels
American Hotel Supplies offers a luxurious selection of ultra-absorbent Royal suite Hotel towels to welcome your guests. These towels make bathing and showering a pleasant experience. The enchantment of the towel will delight your eyes and give you a royal feeling. Royal Suite Hotel Towels made of 100% Cotton Ring Spun.
A set of Hygro Cotton towels will provide you with a soft, smooth experience. The absorbency factor is 100% cotton hollow-core yarn. It becomes more pleasant over time.
Beige Hotel Towels
Beige Hotel Towels are always in high demand. They are made from 86% Cotton and 14% polyester. The perfect blend of 86% cotton and 14% poly results in a high absorbency factor. These towels are the ideal choice for inns, spas and gyms. They have the highest retentiveness and sensitive quality making them our most prominent brand of towels. These towels are available in two colors: white and beige, in different sizes.
Hotel sheets:
Our hotel sheet are made of cotton-rich material. They are also imperishable. We have a strict policy and only use the best quality sheets. These sheets are designed to provide a luxurious, long-lasting, undemanding feel. They are available in white with striped designs.
T-300 High Quality White Striped Sheets and Pillow Cases
T-300 high quality white stripes sheets and pillowcases were created for your comfort. You will find all you need in our exceptional selection of bedding sets. This bedding set will provide the comfort and luxury your guests need to sleep peacefully and comfortably. The materialistic fabric of this bedding set is made to resist fraying and can withstand repeated washing. These single-pick sheets can be purchased and used to give your guests sweet dreams with this luxurious hotel-quality bedding set.
Blue center Stripe
Blue Stripe Bar Mop in bulk. Ideal for use in restaurants * Cleaning companies * Janitorial cleaning * Cleaning tanning beds
Towels to be used in physical therapy clinic
To keep patients comfortable and safe, most clinics need clean, sanitary linens. Linens are available for use in hospitals, doctors’ offices and clinics. We offer a wide range of linens including towels, sheets, pillows covers, and washcloths.

Red Shop Towels
Mechanic’s workshop towels are ideal for cleaning dirt off tools and parts, as well as spillages. These 100% cotton mechanic’s shop towels are essential for any car enthusiast.
Polar Fleece Hotel Blanket
100% polyester fleece blanket. Double-needle stitch and self-hem for a non-pill finish. Polar Fleece offers a more affordable alternative that has a higher pile and a coarser finish.
Martex Brentwood hotel towel collection
The Brentwood Hotel wash towel collection offers luxury and affordability in a luxurious blend. These exceptional hotel towels, made from 100% cotton, feature a stunning dobby border accent.
Hand towels for painters
These handy towels are great for quick cleanups, whether you use water or not. Terry Cloth is great for cleaning more than just your hands. It can also be used to remove grease, tar and ink.
Towels For Farms
For your farm needs, thick and thirsty towels are available. They can also be used for cleaning and other daily necessities. The beige color is durable, doesn’t get ruined quickly, and is easy to clean.
Beige-Colored Dairy Farms Towels
The perfect towels to meet your dairy needs. 100% cotton thick, thirsty towels can be used as cleaning towels and for all other daily uses. These towels can be used for cleaning and giving water to animals.
Egyptian Cotton Towels
Our Egyptian Cotton Towels are 100% Long Staple Egyptian Cotton. They have been 100 % certified and tested.

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