Tricks for clean hotel rooms

Tips and Tricks for Clean Hotel Rooms

Poor housekeeping is more likely to cause discomfort than poor service or uncomfortable beds. No matter if you own a cozy B&B or five-star hotel with a great staff, your guests will not expect dirt, hair or dust to be in their rooms. If this happens, complaints and negative reviews can be understood. This can be a serious threat to your business, as most customers now look online reviews before booking a hotel.

A hotelier must make housekeeping a priority. This guide will show you how to clean your bathrooms and rooms properly, as well as some tips for impressing guests. This guide will include:

What are the duties for housekeeping in a hotel?

A housekeeping strategy

A step-by-step guide on how to clean a hotel bed.

A step-by-step guide on how to clean a hotel’s bathroom

Products, equipment and supplies for cleaning

What is the role of housekeeping at a hotel?

Housekeeping is invisible. Guests only notice when the team does not deliver the required standard of cleanliness. Your hotel room may be home to hundreds of guests every year. However, no guest wants to feel uncomfortable in their room. This is why your housekeeping staff must ensure there is no evidence that previous occupants have been present and that the entire room is spotless.

The housekeeping team cleans guest rooms daily and “turns down” beds. They also replace any towels that have become stained and replenish any other amenities. A thorough clean and a complete change of bedding is required for bedrooms that need to be prepared for guests arriving.

Your housekeepers should be responsible for guest bedrooms cleaning. However, there may be shift patterns and different teams for this.

A supervisor or floor manager manages the housekeeping team, while each floor has a different manager. They are responsible for organizing shifts, inspecting and checking the work of housekeeping attendants and re-ordering supplies. The linen room assistants and laundry porters help ensure that towels and sheets are always available. The overall housekeeping manager oversees all of these operations and works with the hotel management team to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Building a housekeeping strategy

A housekeeping plan is essential if you want to keep your guest bedrooms clean. This means determining how many people you need per shift, and then creating a checklist that they can follow in each area.

When the hotel has different occupancy levels, it is important to determine how many staff you require. A housekeeping attendant can clean a room in about 45 minutes. However, it might take less time if a basic turn down service is required. If a staff member works eight hours and takes a 30-minute rest, they can clean approximately 10 bedrooms per shift depending on the room’s size.

Divide the number of rooms occupied by 10 to find out how many employees you will need at any given time. This is not a complete list of all the cleaning staff you will need. Staff can’t work every day and there’s always a break. You’ll also need to cover holidays or sick leave.

Step by step instructions on how to clean a hotel bedroom

It will be easier for your staff to remember the steps from the moment they enter a space. It can be useful to give your staff a cleaning checklist that they can refer to.

Two step-by-step guides have been created to help you clean a hotel bathroom and bedroom. Keep in mind that different rooms will require different checklists. For example, the cleaning requirements for a honeymoon suite may be different than those for a basic economy room.

Before welcoming guests, housekeepers should perform the following steps in each bedroom to ensure a five-star, sparkling clean.

Open the windows and doors to the balcony before you start. This will allow fresh air to enter the room and prevent any chemical cleaning agents from lingering. The main door should be left open by the housekeeping attendant while they clean. This will allow for ventilation.

Take out the bed linen and place in the laundry basket in the household cart. If the guest is staying in the same room for more than one night, they won’t need to change the sheets. In this case, the housekeeper will just clean the room and make the bed ready for them to return. This is known as a turndown service. Some hotels provide a card which guests can use to request a complete linen change.

Empty the trash: Clear out the garbage cans and take away any junk from the room. Put new liners into the bins.

Dispose of used cups. Switch out any unused cups, mugs or crockery and replace them with new items. You should note any items that were taken from the minibar and have them replaced according to your hotel’s policy.

Dusting – Dust all surfaces starting at the top and moving down to the floor. Dust any difficult-to-reach areas or areas that are easy to overlook, such as light fittings, underbeds or tops of wardrobes or cupboards. If your hotel has high ceilings, a telescopic duster is a great tool!

Upholstery and furniture should be vacuumed with a special brush attachment. It will help prolong their life span and keep them clean of dust, allergens, dirt, and allergens. To remove dust, curtains can be vacuumed with an attachment.

Clean surfaces: Clean all surfaces. If you have guest items that are blocking your path, move them carefully to the side and then replace them. Make sure to clean out the cupboards and wardrobes.

Make a bed. Inspect the mattress and report any wear or damage to the shift manager. If there are no problems, you can place new sheets and pillowcases on your bed. You can replace decorative throws or cushions.

Clean and dust electricals : Wipe down and disinfect electrical equipment such as televisions and guest phones. Television screens can become very dusty so be sure to wipe them with a dry cloth.

Clean the floor. This will ensure that you don’t make it more difficult by making it dirty again in other cleaning steps. Hard floors should be mopped and swept, and carpets vacuumed starting at the inner corner and moving towards the door.

Close all windows and do a final check. Close any balcony doors and windows. An air freshener may be used if there are any chemical odors. Adjust the thermostat to return it to its default setting. Make sure to sweep the room once more before you leave.

Deep Cleaning

You may need to do more than your normal cleaning and use specialized deep cleaning equipment. The following tasks should be completed at least once per month:

Deep clean carpets with a steam cleaner.

Deep clean curtains and upholstered furniture with a steamer and specialized attachment.

Use a floor polisher to make tiles and hard floors look new again.

Vacuum the mattress, and wash any protectors or covers. If the mattress is prone to rotating, it should be rotated every six months or as directed on the label.

Your pillow protectors should be washed once a month. Your pillows should be washed every six months. To ensure that your pillows are comfortable, you should replace them at least every two years.

These tasks will require extra planning. You might want to plan them during a quiet time when not many rooms are booked.

Step by step instructions on how to clean a bathroom in a hotel

Bathrooms are more susceptible to hair, dirt, and mould buildup than bedrooms. Your staff should be meticulous and methodical when cleaning these areas. You want your guests to be impressed by the state of the bathroom. It should not have any signs that it has been used in recent years.

This is how your staff can keep your bathroom clean and hygienic.

Open any window: To let fresh air in, open windows or turn on ventilation units to air out the room.

Take out towels and mats. Soapy towels can be put in the laundry bag. It is common to ask guests to replace their towel on the rail if it is not in use again. If they do, dirty towels can be placed in the shower or bath. If guests wish to reuse towels, place them on the side.

Empty your bin. Remove all rubbish and put a new liner inside.

Keep your guests’ belongings tidy. To make it easier to clean, any toiletries or other items should be removed. After cleaning is complete, these should be removed and replaced.

Clean the bath and/or shower area: To remove soap scum and water marks, use a special bathroom cleaner or glass cleaner. Be very careful with hair removal and pay attention to the drain. Report any standing water to the floor supervisor as this could indicate a larger problem with your drain.

Clean the area around the sink and taps. Use an antibacterial bathroom cleaner with a damp cloth to wipe down the countertop and sink. To remove water stains from the taps and give them a shiny look, clean them thoroughly. Make sure to clean the mirror well, avoiding streaks and smears. Make sure the plughole is clean.

To clean the toilet, use a toilet disinfectant and bleach to thoroughly clean it. Then flush away the water. You should pay particular attention to the areas around the seat joints and the rim, where limescale and grime can build up. To provide lasting freshness, toilet fresheners can be fitted. Once you are done, remove the lid and lower the seat.

Dust:Dust light fixtures and corners of ceiling to remove cobwebs. Also, clean behind and under towel rails. If pipes are visible, such as behind the sink or behind the toilet, ensure they are dusted.

Wipe down the towel rail. This can accumulate a surprising amount dust and dirt so make sure you clean it off.

Restock amenities, toilet paper: Refill any guest toiletries such as shampoos and soaps. Restock clean drinking glasses, and toilet paper.

Hang clean towels. Finally, replenish the towels and bath mats with new towels and slippers, as well any robes or slippers that have become soiled. If guests have chosen to reuse their towels, fold them up neatly and hang them on the towel rail.

Clean the floor. First, sweep or vacuum the floor. Next, use a hard floor cleaner with a mop. It’s better to clean the floor last than in the bedroom. Otherwise, you could ruin your hard work and make a mess on other surfaces. Begin in the inner corner of your room and work your way outwards to the door.

Cleaning supplies and equipment

Your staff needs the proper cleaning supplies and transportation to get them from one room to another in order to do their job properly. This section will show you everything you need for your staff.

Housekeeping trolley

You will need to have access to many different cleaning products throughout a shift. Also, you’ll need a way to transport bedding, towels and other supplies between rooms. The housekeeping trolley will make it easy for them to transport everything and keep things organized.

When choosing your trolley, you might want to take into consideration the following:

Separate bags to dispose of rubbish and clean up soiled linen.

Multiple shelves and tiers for cleaning supplies and products organization.

You can store toiletries and other refreshments in compartments. You will need to store glass and ceramic items if you offer a mini bar or hot drinks service.

Brakes on smooth, multi-directional wheels. This will make it easy for your staff to transport the cart and place it safely.

A vacuum bracket, or holder. This will prevent your housekeepers making two trips to move from one room to the next by keeping it on the cart.

Keep in mind the dimensions of your hotel when moving the cart. A small hotel may not need a large trolley. A smaller trolley may also be better suited for small hotels with narrow lift spaces or corridors.

Cleaning supplies, equipment

The following cleaning products should be included in your housekeeping cart:

Vacuum cleaner

Mop, bucket

Floor cleaner

Surface cleaner and Sanitizer

Cleaning cloths


Paper towels

Dusting cloths

Dusting tool

Furniture polish

Bathroom cleaner

Toilet cleaner

Scrubbing brush

Drain cleaner

Air Freshener

Rubber protective gloves

Bin Liners

Bathroom bin liner

You can find more information on how to choose the right cleaning products and equipment in our Janitorial Supplies buying guide.

Hotel supplies and amenities

No matter if it’s a mint in the pillow, a little shampoo for the bathroom, or a soft robe to wrap around the body, guests love freebies. These supplies will be replenished by your housekeeping team, who will need to keep enough on hand to clean each room. Some examples of complimentary guest products include:



Shower gel

Body lotion

Hand soap

Toothpaste or dental kit

Slippers and robes

These products should not be the only thing you have in your housekeeping cart.


Mats for bath

Pillowcases and bed sheets

Toilet paper


You can now offer your guests a minibar or hotel-room beverage service so that they can enjoy refreshments. You should stock your trolleys also with:

Mugs – Using real glassware and crockery in place of disposables can give your home a luxurious feel.


Tea and coffee

Sugar and Milk


Mini bars supplies (such as alcoholic drinks or snacks)

How do you set up a housekeeping cart

You need to ensure that the trolley has enough supplies to cover every room during the shift. Otherwise, you will waste valuable time running back and forth to the stockroom. However, you don’t want your trolley so full that it is difficult or unsafe for staff to push. You need to find the right balance between having enough supplies to last the entire shift and making sure your trolley is safe to be pushed. Your staff should stock up on their trolleys at least twice a shift.

You should place refreshments and other guest amenities at the top of your cart. Sheets, towels and paper hygiene products should be folded under the sheets. You should keep dirty laundry in a separate bag so that it is easy to see what is dirty and what is clean.

No matter what type of business you have, your rooms should be spotless. To ensure happy customers and impressive results, make sure you take these hotel housekeeping tips and techniques with you.

You can also visit our hotel advice centre for additional information. There you will find lots of industry insider tips. You will also find helpful buying guides for cleaning products and hotel products that will help you choose the right products to suit your needs.


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