The Reasons to Upgrade Hotel Linen & Laundry Services

Hygiene is an essential aspect of the hospitality sector. This is why linen and laundry service are so important. Hygiene is a crucial part of customer service. It’s just as important as the food and service a hotel provides. Customers will notice if there are any issues with cleanliness or hygiene, no matter how good your other business areas. More than half of hotel customers believe cleanliness is a key factor in whether or not they return.

Why the Current System May not Be Working

A washing machine for domestic laundry is sufficient to handle the family laundry. It is not suitable for commercial use because it operates at a lower temperature. High standards are key to a successful laundry machine system. This means that commercial washing machines must operate at high temperatures and can handle constant demands.

There are several factors that can indicate whether it is time to upgrade hotel laundry and linen service, and what might be causing unhappiness in the current system.

Customer satisfaction is the first. Customers should be the first to determine if your current system needs an upgrade. If customers are not satisfied with the laundry service, it is a sign that something is wrong. If you have difficulty keeping up with the needs of your guests, it is another indicator that there is a problem.

Another aspect of efficiency to be aware of is the cost. A great service will reduce the stock you have to keep. You will be able to efficiently wash the towels and linens, which will reduce the amount of stock you need to provide customer service.

Your laundry system must comply with all local regulations. It is mandatory that you wash your linens and towels regularly. Professional laundry systems are essential to keep up with this requirement.

5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Linen Services

  1. Constant Overload

You don’t need to overload your washing machines in order to meet demand. It’s time for an upgrade. It’s tempting to overpack heavy-duty washing machines. You can’t overload a washing machine. Every machine has a maximum capacity. It can’t evenly distribute detergent which makes it difficult to properly wash the contents. This also reduces the life expectancy of industrial washing machines.

The key is capacity. You should be able to wash towels and linens quickly with a hotel commercial washer machine. Talking to an expert is the best way to find out which machine suite will work best for your needs. Your system should be reviewed immediately if it is consistently underperforming.

  1. Quality Consistency and Quality

You would do the same thing at home with whites and colours. This principle should be applied to your business. If you are unable to run whites and colours separately, you may need to upgrade your system. You can ensure high-quality wash results by investing in new hotel commercial washing machines.

When it comes to commercial laundry equipment, the most important things businesses should consider are quality, space and cost. You want all those things, so talk to the experts to determine which machine suite is right for you.

New equipment is only as good as the learning process. It is essential that your staff are fully trained in how to use and clean the new machines. Aqualogic offers a variety of laundry training options, including classroom, online and onsite. A properly trained staff will increase efficiency and consistency in laundry.

People often fail to realize the importance of regular cleaning and maintenance. If your laundry is not clean, a washing machine won’t do a good job. Standing water can cause odours to stick to your fabric. Your team should clean the machine every day to remove any water trapped and keep it running at its best.

  1. Increase Flexibility

Timing is everything in the hospitality industry. The timing of guests’ departures and arrivals is crucial in the hospitality industry. A laundry service should be able to meet your specific needs. It can be difficult to find a vendor who will work to your schedule. However, upgrading to an in-house laundry service allows you more control over the timings and provides greater flexibility. It is a great convenience to be able to organize your laundry around your business’ schedule rather than the laundry service’s.

  1. Footprint

Customers will shop for eco-friendly brands and guests will make decisions based on how green the hotel is. You can earn their loyalty by showing them that your hotel is eco-conscious. You can save water and energy by upgrading to new equipment and bringing your laundry system in-house. You will attract more customers and lower your utility bills , which could save your business thousands of dollars. Aqualogic offers a range of commercial washers & dryers that are energy- and water-saving, which is ideal for the accommodation sector.

  1. Cost-Saving

Many companies have decided to keep their old equipment as it is still functional. Do you really need to buy new equipment? Although it may cost more initially, upgrading your entire machine suite will pay off in the long-term. While old machines might still work, are they as efficient as a new heavy-duty washer? Are they using too much detergent, water, or energy?

In recent years, laundries equipment has advanced tremendously. Water-efficient systems can help you save water, reduce chemical use, and make your laundry more efficient. Accessories can do more for you than the main system. The GMP Chest Ironer, for example, is easy to use, requires only one operator, has more safety features, can handle 50kg per hour, and has low maintenance costs.

The Benefits of an In-House System

Many businesses outsource laundry services, but this can lead to quality issues. The professional laundry services are not under your control. You can’t change the vendor if they don’t do what you want. However, it is possible to get a new vendor. It takes money, time and energy. Instead, opt for an in-house solution. This will give you complete control over the entire process from beginning to end. You can adjust the process to fix any problems, such as temperature, chemicals, or the washing process.

Timing is a key benefit of an in-house laundry services. Vendors expect clients to follow their schedules and not the other way around. This can be difficult, especially during peak seasons and times. In-house laundry systems mean that you won’t have to wait for anyone except your highly-trained employees to arrive. This level of control is good for your bottom line and good for your guests. There are many commercial laundry equipment options available. You can also choose between electric and gas dryers .

You can save money by choosing the right commercial washing machine. The IPSO Softmount Washer comes in three capacities. It is also more efficient than traditional washing machines, as it uses less energy, water and detergent. It will also increase the life of your towels and linens, and improve productivity. You can make your guests happy by taking control of your laundry and making sure your industrial washing machines meet your needs.

Final Thoughts

Get in touch with our experts if you need commercial laundry equipment or laundry assistance. We are happy to give you the information and advice you need to make the best decision for your company. We have relationships with many brands so that we can help you choose the right commercial washing machine brand. We offer a variety of products to suit every business. Additionally, we offer training programs to help your employees learn how to operate your new machine.


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