The kind of hotel amenities make guests memorable (part two)

Creative (& Unique) Hotel Amenities

  1. Mobile Check-In: While there is a lot of talk about sustainability and guestroom technology in hotel operations, this innovation doesn’t just apply to the guestroom.You can make your check-in process more efficient and eco-friendly with a technology-savvy property management system such as Hoteltime. Hoteltime’s check-in process is completely paperless. There are no registration cards or printouts to sign. Through integrations with kiosk hardware providers, the entire process can be done on a tablet.

After guests have checked in, they can make comments online using comment cards. When they are ready to leave, the front desk agent will send them their folio by email. Hoteltime’s system allows guests to sign and electronically send folios electronically. This is a significant time-saver, as opposed to printing multiple copies of their bill.

  1. VIP Shopping at Local Markets: Do your guests shop at or dine in local restaurants while they are staying at your property?They’ll appreciate the extra discount or freebies if they do. A concierge should be a top-notch professional if you are a luxury hotel. If not, it is time to build them. To help your guests save money and encourage local shopping, create a personalized area coupon book.

You don’t have to do this project all by yourself. Partner with local businesses to create a coupon book for your neighborhood that offers discounts at shops, free meals, and discounts on activities or tours. This is a win-win situation for you, your guests, and your neighborhood business neighbors.

  1. Room Amenities: Inroom Tablets: Let’s face it, the in-room information booklet is so outdated.To make your guestroom guide more accessible to your guests and staff, upgrade it to a digital format using a tablet. With some guestroom tablet apps, guests can access all the information they need, including restaurant recommendations and room service menus, with just a tap.
  2. Technology enthusiast & hobbyist: You can offer technology to cater to the specific needs of your guests for a unique experience.Some amenities may not be relevant to your guests, but others could make you a loyal guest for life. You could convert a meeting room into a golf area with a simulator. Peloton bikes can be delivered to guest rooms if your hotel does not have enough space. Although the bikes are more expensive than building a full gym, the cost of the bikes is often much less than that of purchasing them.

A unique piece of artwork can make your guest experience more memorable. Your art-loving guests will be delighted by striking artwork displayed in their guestrooms or public spaces. Many hotels have art galleries that can be used as a lobbies. This allows for a sophisticated experience and the possibility to take home a unique souvenir.

  1. A unique guestroom cocktail station is an example of how you can elevate the in-room experience.You can infuse local flavor into your guestroom amenities by using a recipe and the ingredients to make a signature drink that is representative of the property’s history or character, as the Troubadour Hotel does with its signature old-fashioned.

You can also offer guests a memorable cocktail experience by adding the Porthole Infuser in your guestroom amenities. This allows guests to mix their favorite combination of fruits, herbs, and spices and then sip on a delicious drink in the evening.

  1. Turndown History: Local history is a must. Current trends indicate that hotel guests are looking for a more local experience. What could be more local than interesting facts about the area or hotel?You can make the turndown experience more memorable by placing a postcard, trinket or other item with a unique story on your bed.

You might also want to follow the Grand Hotel Tremezzo’s lead and enjoy turndown service at this romantic, iconic property in Lake Como . This turns down service shares the love letters that are found within the hotel’s walls. This is a turndown service that you won’t forget.

  1. Hotel rooms must be kept clean, especially in busy areas.You want to be away from the noises and smells of the city, as a guest. A guestroom purifier can create a comfortable environment that allows for easy breathing. This is not only a great convenience, but it’s also essential for those with allergies and respiratory problems. Pure Wellness, a company that specializes in hotel rooms, offers high-tech air purification. This makes it possible to keep your hotel rooms clean and fresh with little effort.
  2. Relaxation devices: After a long flight or a stressful day at work, or simply the discomfort of jetlag, guests desire to unwind in a hotel room.You can offer something more to your guests to help them relax. You might think of the things you love most about a spa: relaxing music, great aromas, and maybe even a massage. How can you recreate a spa-like atmosphere in your guest rooms? It’s easy to add relaxation devices to guestrooms using noise machines, scent diffusers and soothing eye pillows. A Myostorm Massage Ball is a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere in your room. This unique product was featured recently on Shark Tank. You can also use a foot or neck massager like these from Homesdics.
  3. Powerbank for the Road: Let’s say you just got off a long plane, used Google Maps to locate your hotel and then completed mobile check in.Imagine how it would be to discover that all your smartphone use has drained your battery, and that you are unable to take photos in your hotel room. It’s a great way to show appreciation and surprise your guests! You can offer power banks to the room, or rent them at the front desk.

In exchange for a power bank, you can encourage your guests to share something about your hotel via social media. For a more extravagant welcome gift, you could give your guests a free, hotel-branded powerbank to take home.

  1. Rollaway Tent: Don’t forget the little ones!A rollaway tent will make memories that last a lifetime for your little guests. This is a great option for children and parents. For more brownie points,

This concludes our list of 21 amenities you should be considering for your hotel. You can create amenities that offer local experiences, practical functionality, and personality that will keep your guests coming back for more. Are there any other creative ideas we missed? Please let us know.


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