The Guide For Hotel ,SPA, B&B Towels

The Guide For Hotel Towels

We have stockpiled towels over the years to meet every need of our customers in the hospitality sector. We have the right towels for you, whether you are looking for thick, plush towels or inexpensive, institutional towels. You can choose from 100% ring-spun cotton towels or durable poly/cotton blended towels. You can choose from a range of sizes for bath towels, hand towels and washcloths. You can choose from a selection of options in white or beige.

Choices, Choices and Choices

To make sure you feel confident when purchasing towels from Ulentextile, we will classify our towels based on price, quality, feel, functionality, and feel. Our recommendations are based on over 25 years’ experience in selling towels to the hospitality sector.

Economical Towels (Good).

These towels are ideal for those who care about the cost of towels disappearing and still want to provide quality towels for their guests. Our towels are light weight and more functional than traditional towels. Are you tired of absorbing dirt from overnight workers and make-up on towels?


Blue River


Ideal for: Hotels/Motels (Health Clubs), Locker rooms, Camps

Towels of the Mid-Range (Better)

The most sought-after guest room towels fall under the luxury and economical category. Williams Bay towels are thick, luxurious, and long-lasting. You will be able to tell the difference between the economical towels and the ones that are luxurious. The quality of the towels won’t fade after repeated washings. The Williams Bay towels will please your guests! To prevent unravelling, all Williams Bay towels have double-stitched stayed edges.


Williams Bay, (White)

Williams Bay (Beige)

Williams Bay Gold

Ideal for:Hotels/Motels Country Clubs Rehabilitation centers

Shop Williams Bay (White), Williams Bay (Beige), Williams Bay Gold (Highest quality)

Luxury Towels (Best).

Your properties will feel more luxurious and serene if you add this luxury touch. Classic style towels are available with striking striped borders. The Williams Bay towels are renowned for their quality towels, but our luxury towels offer more style, comfort, absorbency, class and elegance. The highest quality luxury towels will communicate to your guests that you are putting their needs first. Both luxury options are made from 100% ring-spun cotton.


Ulen Guest Room Towels

Royal Suite in White

Royal Suite (Beige)

Ideal for: Hotels, Country Clubs and Resorts, Spas

Also, Check out Our New: Pool Towels

To distinguish our pool towels from guest rooms towels, the newest towels are made of 100% cotton Terrycloth. These towels are visually appealing and available at a affordable price . They can be used in gyms, community centers, and locker rooms.

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