The Essential Hotel Amenities For Guests

Over the past two decades, there have been some significant changes in the hospitality industry. The 1980s saw the rise of boutique and lifestyle hotels. This led to changes in the expectations of guests during their hotel stays. Larger chains have made efforts to cater to the needs of their guests by offering them memorable, shareable experiences that are curated and unique.

Many hoteliers feel the need to provide more services to their guests because of these changes. Hotel managers must be aware that not all businesses have unlimited budgets and should choose their offerings carefully.

The Essential Hotel Amenities For All Guests

These amenities are essential for everyone, and all guests should expect them to be available in hotels. These amenities include:

  1. On-site Parking

For travelers who are looking for a hotel, parking on-site can be a problem. Parking is free, which can be very appealing in areas with limited public transport.

  1. Get free wifi

The people want free WiFi in 2020! Many business travelers and hotel guests require internet access at some point. Make sure your guests are able to access the internet and where they can find it.

  1. Travel-Size Complementary Toiletries

All levels of hotels have access to travel-sized toiletries such as shampoo and conditioner. These amenities are often used by guests due to restrictions on airline carry-on. It is important to have quality products in your hotel rooms. You can earn extra points by offering premium brands and natural products or items such as a makeup remover or facemask.

  1. Ample Wall Outlets

Access to our electronics is a fundamental right for many people. It is important that every guest has the ability to charge all of their devices to the fullest. Some modern setups allow guests to plug in their USB cords directly into the wall.

  1. Hair-Styling Tools

Most hotels that your guests have stayed at have provided hair dryers in their rooms. They will be impressed if they have extra tools such as flat irons or curling irons available at the front desk. This allows travelers to leave more space in their luggage.

  1. Mini-Fridge

It is a great idea to offer guests a place for their leftovers. Simple snacks and beverages can be included for guests to purchase. It’s even better to include a water bottle or two!

  1. Exercise Facilities & Accessories

Many people travel to ensure they can keep up their exercise routine while away from home. Some hotels offer clothing, accessories and shoes that can be used or purchased.

Even though business travel has been slowed down dramatically by COVID-19 hotels should still be prepared for a post COVID world. These business-oriented hotel amenities will help them to do so.

  1. 24 hour guest reception

Your guests can rest easy knowing that they can contact you at any hour to request simple services such as a replacement key or…

  1. Healthy Breakfast

Business travelers want a breakfast that will keep them going throughout the day. Make sure you offer healthy foods to early risers and not just potatoes or buttery scrambled egg.

  1. Complimentary Electronics Chargers

Extra chargers can be borrowed from the front desk, just like wall outlets. Business travelers will appreciate not having to run to the store to get a new one or to recharge their batteries.

  1. Iron clothing

Although an iron may not be the most attractive, it is a great way to ensure that guests are wrinkle-free at important meetings.

  1. Business Facilities

Both traditional business travelers and millennial side-hustlers look for somewhere to focus and send emails, make important calls, or simply relax. They will be able to check off some important tasks and relieve some stress by having a dedicated area to run their business.

  1. Transportation Services and Information

It is possible to provide transportation services such as an airport shuttle, rental bikes or transport between your lodgings, which could be a huge benefit for travelers, especially given the popularity of bleisuretravel. If you don’t have the budget for it, having a concierge available to your guests will make them feel at home.

  1. Laundry Services

Allow guests to change their clothes mid-trip. You could also offer folding services, such as the return of freshly folded clothes to guests’ rooms.

  1. Daily Newspaper

You can give your guests a newspaper every morning as a simple perk. You can offer multiple publications to guests, if you are able to.

  1. Stain Remover Wipes

While we don’t want to make business travelers look bad, it is a good idea to have stain remover sticks or wipes available at the front desk. They don’t need to wait for their return to do their work clothes. To help them look fresh and clean all day, you can provide complimentary wipes in their guest rooms.

  1. Pool

A hotel pool means fun for all the family. They will also be able to spend more time at the hotel, and possibly even more money.

  1. Enjoy a Free Breakfast

Families will appreciate a good breakfast. However, they may also enjoy a free one. These guests will appreciate the chance to start their day without spending a lot on their family vacation.

No food service or kitchen on-site? The 2ndKitchen room service voucher program still allows you to serve complimentary breakfast.

  1. Entertainment

On-demand television programming is offered by many hotels. On-demand services allow guests to rent movies that may still be available in theaters. Hotels are adding entertainment options such as books, board games and video games to their facilities.

  1. Cribs & Cots

When the entire family is invited along, things can get quite cramped. You can offer cribs or pull-out cots to accommodate all guests, regardless of age.

  1. Products and Rooms for Kids

To make your stay more enjoyable, some hotels incorporate kid-friendly design features into their bathroom construction and room decor. To make it easier for families to avoid buying unnecessary items at the end, you can offer gentle or even baby-friendly toiletries.

  1. Pet-Friendly Bedrooms

Pets are often considered family members and can cause anxiety when they are boarded or given to friends. Pet-friendly rooms in hotels and common areas can help ease travel stress.

The Best Hotels for Couples on Weekend Getaway

These must-have amenities are ideal for hotels that offer romantic getaways to couples or a honeymoon.

  1. Service in the Room

Even a romantic evening in requires food. You should offer high-quality dining options to ensure your guests enjoy their space to its full potential.

  1. Spa

Luxurious spas can add extra magic to any weekend getaway. For couples who want to share a massage, you can offer discounts at check-in.

  1. Storage for your luggage at no cost

It is common for short stays to pack a lot of activities in a 48-hour period. Guests who arrive early will appreciate the possibility to leave their luggage at reception. This allows them to return to the city for brunch.

  1. Fascinating Bathrobes

Who doesn’t love a soft, luxurious bathrobe? You can provide robes for every guest to make it a romantic weekend. If residents are unable to part with theirs, they can purchase them at the checkout.

  1. Curated Experiences

Boutiques and lifestyle hotels are all about curating. Your guests will be impressed if you offer fun activities such as cooking classes or excursions.

  1. Premium bedding

A good night of sleep can make residents think about your hotel for weeks. It is possible to achieve this result by providing high-quality and super comfortable bedding. You may even be able offer guests new sets to buy.

  1. Special Offers

Every guest will be grateful for a deal like a complimentary drink at the hotel bar, or a coupon to local restaurants. It’s possible to impress your guests by matching guest’s interests and offers. After completing a quick social media search, some hotels will give personalized gifts to guests upon their arrival.

  1. Champagne Bar

Your hotel will look glamorous and extravagant if it has plenty of champagne. To give your guests an extra touch of elegance, you can offer champagne carts during brunch and high-traffic lobby hours.

Stay competitive with industry-leading amenity offerings

Do a quick inventory to ensure that you offer your guests all the services and amenities they require to truly enjoy your hotel.

This does not always require big investments. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter and can make a difference in your hotel marketing strategy. Your guests will be more inclined to return if you shift your focus to creating the best possible experience.

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