Should hotels choose Linen Service or On-Premise Laundry?

What is better: on-premise laundry or hotel linen service? OPL operations are fully managed and accountable. What is linen service?

Linen service in hotels has more benefits than on-premise laundry

Here are the top reasons why hotel linen services are the best option for your business:

Lower Overhead Costs

It is not easy to run a fully-operational laundry on-premise that can meet all your facility’s daily needs , especially financially. There are many overhead costs involved, some of which are not always predictable or stable. Equipment is not the only costly issue. Every expense is a daily struggle. Every cycle and every run is at risk of running out of budget. There are also expensive utilities and staffing issues. When you choose the right hotel linen provider, these problems disappear. You only have to pay the rental cost.

Flexible Labor Capacity

It has been difficult to find people to work in laundry facilities. Turnover rates are high in the past. This problem will continue, despite the US having a large labor shortage. This is a problem that most hotels can’t afford, especially since linens play a vital role in their daily operations. This puts at risk the cleanliness and quality of your hotel linens. Another problem is eliminated when you hire a hotel linen service provider. This allows you to focus on the hotel and not on maintaining a clean laundry room.

Lower Management Burden

It’s a nightmare to manage an on-premise laundry. It’s not only a new department to manage but it also means that there are additional employees. This means you have one more manager to manage, one more plan to follow, and one more place that could cause problems. This means that you will need to hire another manager or expand your management capabilities. A hotel linen service expert can help you deal with all of these. This is the easiest way to make sure your linen supply is always available.

Supply Security

The right hotel linen service provider will ensure you have enough supply. They have the staff and equipment to make it happen. They can offer greater protection against linen theft and loss. The annual loss of linen by hotels can be as high as 20%, due to mismanagement or theft. The best service provider will use inventory and tracking tools to protect your linens from theft. This will ensure that you always have enough linens for your daily needs.

Crown Linen Service: Why Crown Linen Service Is Your Best Choice For Hotel Linen Service

The hotel linen service beats the on-premise laundry clearly and unambiguously. Now there is only one problem. How do you find top-quality hotel linen service? Ulentextile Linen Service is the clear answer!

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