Make Your Bed Like a 5-Star Hotel

There are many ups and downs to traveling (and that doesn’t mean just the takeoff and landing of your plane). Last-minute packing, navigating crowded airports, hailing taxis in foreign languages–all these stresses are worth it once you’re settled into your hotel’s heavenly, cloud-like bed. But you don’t have leave this luxurious dream at your destination. These six qualities make 5-star hotels’ beds so delicious, I did some research.

  1. Stay with Predominantly all-white bedding

White is the most popular color for bedding and hotel linens. It’s also easier to clean (hello bleach!) It also involves creating a cloud-like, heavenly cocoon.

  1. Find the Thread-Count Sweet Spot

The 300-thread count sheets that you find at luxurious hotels are heavenly cocoons. They are silky and crisp, and they can be slipped into with ease. Because they are the most breathable and keep you cool, Egyptian cotton sheets are preferred. Avoid microfibers that may be less breathable.

  1. Get rid of the fitted sheet

Although this may seem counterintuitive to everything in your linen closet already, if you look at the hotel’s sheet setup next time you stay there, you will notice that something is missing: the fitted sheets. Two flat sheets are used in hotels. The bottom sheet is typically large and tightly tucked around your mattress using hospital corners ( ). The top sheet is folded over and tucked under the feet of the bed. You can also make sure that the flat top sheet is placed upside down so that you can see the correct side when you fold it over.

  1. Bedding bliss: Down Comforter + Cotton Duvet cover

Bed-in-a bag can be a great decor option. However, it is not the best choice for your bedding. For that extra plush hotel feel, you will need a down comforter or alternative. For a luxurious look, choose an insert that is 2 inches wider than your duvet covers.

  1. Perfect the Pillow Mix

A hotel bed will likely have a lot of thick, groan-inducing pillows. But it doesn’t end there. A standard hotel bed will have two to four feather pillows, plus two fiber-fill pillows, unless you specifically request otherwise. Euro shams can also be used to prop yourself up while you read in bed.

  1. If in Doubt, Use a Feather Mattress

No one has ever said, “This mattress is too fluffy.” The mattress in your hotel room is an important part of the experience. But, if you don’t want to upgrade, or even if it is already a great mattress, a feather mattress/mattress pad can be the perfect addition for creating an authentic hotel bed experience.

If you’re really serious about your hotel-bed-at-home pursuits, there are some luxury hotel chains that even sell their mattresses, pillows, linens and robes so you can get the bed of your dreams.


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