What should you look for when booking a hotel? The amenities of a hotel are the little things that make your stay more enjoyable. It’s more than just finding a bed in a hotel. You are arranging a vacation that will make you feel relaxed and unforgettable.

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These are the top hotel amenities that you should consider before booking your room. It’s possible to ruin your entire stay if a hotel doesn’t offer one of your most favorite amenities.


Parking is an important consideration if you plan to drive your car, or rent one. As an added bonus, many hotels offer complimentary parking. Others require that guests pay a nightly fee to either self-park their car or have valet service provided. Professionals will park your car for you. It is also common to tip them. You should always have full access to your car, even if the hotel offers free parking. You may need to search for another spot because some garages close at night.


Each hotel has its own check-in/checkout times. It’s a good idea to check this information before you book your hotel. You may prefer to stay in if you are a night owl, so make sure your hotel offers a later checkout.


This may not be something you consider if you plan to travel a lot. It’s important to be aware of the amenities in your hotel room. These are the essential amenities you should have in your hotel room.

Are you looking to buy groceries? A room refrigerator is a great addition.

It’s great to have an HD TV in your living room for entertainment when you know there will likely be some downtime.

Do you have a business to run? Access to WiFi is a must.

If you don’t have your hairdryer with you, your hotel will provide one.

Are you planning to dress up? Hope your clothes didn’t get wrinkled. You’ll need an iron in your room if you don’t want to wrinkle.

For those with allergies, there isn’t much grace. Some hotels offer hypoallergenic bedding.

These little extras will make your stay even more enjoyable. Find out what is included in your hotel’s amenities by checking ahead.

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It’s not fun to walk around in a foreign city trying to find something to eat. A lot of hotels offer breakfast in their restaurants.

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You don’t have to find a restaurant by yourself. Check with your hotel to see if they have a place you can enjoy the best meal of the day.


After a day of exploring the city, you can relax at your hotel’s bar. Before you book your hotel, make sure it has a lounge or bar.


You don’t have to stop working out while on vacation. You can take advantage of the fitness facilities at your hotel to keep fit.


Warehouse Hotel is not just for guests visiting Spooky Nook Sport complex. Every guest will enjoy staying at Warehouse Hotel and enjoying all that it has to offer. These include:

Parking is free for guests staying with us. You can park anywhere you like. There is no valet parking.

Our In-Room Amenities are top-notch. We have included in your hotel room a refrigerator, HD TV, WiFi and hairdryer.

Forklift & Palate restaurant: We offer a delicious breakfast menu that will get you started in the morning.

Spooky Nook Fitness Gym: You are a Warehouse Hotel guest and have free access to the gym. Spooky Nook Sports Gym offers additional activities, including a climbing gym and ninja course. Additional fees apply.

Warehouse Hotel allows you to have all of your amenities. Call us today to make a reservation.


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