How top hotels keep linens and clothing white

All of us want our white laundry to look bright and beautiful. But food stains, red socks, and the gradual greying that we hate all too often get in the way.

The Head of Laundry at London Hilton, Katarzyna Curylek (below), is responsible for washing all linens from tablecloths to towels. Hotel guests don’t expect any splodges or stains during their stay.


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Katarzyna was kind enough to share her top tips for keeping whites bright.

1. How to prevent white laundry becoming grey

Katarzyna says: “Put 3tbsp laundry soap and 3tbsp baking soda in a large enamel or stainless steel saucepan. Put the clothing in the pot and then fill it with cold, clean water.

Next, boil the clothes gently on the stove for about 30 minutes, pressing down any fabric that rises from the water. Let them cool. Then, take them out, and then rinse in the washer to dry.


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2. How to remove food stains from white tablecloths and napkins

Katarzyna says that a great trick is to cover the stain with artificial sweetener immediately the stain reaches the fabric. The fine powder absorbs oil and keeps it from forming a permanent stain.

3. How to remove tomato stains from white linen

Katarzyna says that tomato-based stains can be particularly difficult to get rid of. After you have tried all of the traditional methods (pre-treatment and a bleach, as well as cold-water soak), you can try DIY. Spray WD-40 on the stain and let it sit for five to ten minutes before washing off with cold, soapy water.


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4. How to remove make-up stains from white towels

Katarzyna says that bleach can help white towels stay bright. I use a mix of bleach and detergent to soak the towels first, then rinse them off. Next, I wash them as usual. This should get rid of any makeup stains on white towels.

5. How to prevent detergent residue from building up on whites

Katarzyna says that a cup of white vinegar can be used in your detergent wash to cut through the residue detergent can leave behind.

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