How to reasonably arrange hotel linen inventory

Although you might be tempted to use armed guards and bank vault-level security systems to protect your hotel linen inventory, it is not necessary.

Experts believe that hotels could lose between 15 and 20 percent of their valuable linen inventory each year due to premature loss or disposal. These losses can quickly add up and result in millions of dollars worth of waste across the industry.

There are some best practices that you can use to protect your hotel linen inventory.

Start with Durable Linens

You no longer have to choose luxury or durability for your hotel sheets or towels thanks to continuous improvements in fabrics and fibers.

The new product lines offer the lushness that your guests have come for as well as the ability of withstanding repeated laundering by hotel laundry machines.

You can make the smart switch to a hotel laundry vendor and get their assistance in choosing the best hotel liner for you. They will be able to help you choose the right linen for your needs.

Make sure you have plenty of cleaning products for staff and guests

You are wrong if you think your guests and staff wouldn’t use your fluffy towels to clean up coffee spills or other mess.

It is important to offer guests and staff alternatives so that your linens don’t become too dirty. Consider putting together a ragout program to feed your housekeeping staff. Also, consider using reusable cleaning materials and sponges in guest rooms if you have room service or in-room cooking.

Keep the Recommended Par Levels

You may think that you are saving money by buying just enough pars to get by, but in reality, your existing stock is being worn out.

Quality towels and luxury hotel bedding need to be allowed to rest between each use and through commercial laundry machines. You’re putting too much strain on them and shortening their lifespan.

Four is the recommended level for hotel sheets.

One is in use in the guest bedroom

Next, one in climate-controlled storage

One dirty just came out of a bedroom

One in the laundry

Know when it’s time to take your linen out of circulation

Towels and sheets that have become frayed, greying, stained, or irreparably stained should be removed from guest-facing circulation as soon possible. This is not only because your guests won’t be impressed, but also because you are continuing to pay for products that are at the end of their useful lifecycle.

You should ensure that your housekeeping staff are trained to look out for damages and that there is a procedure for removing any stained or damaged materials.

A Linen Reclamation Program is in Place

Some stains won’t ruin your towels and sheets. If you deal with the right laundry vendor they will be able to remove some stains by doing a separate wash using a special commercial laundry detergent.

Staff should be able to isolate stained materials and make sure they are handled properly before being thrown away.

Get started today with a plan

It takes time, money, and training to protect your hotel linen inventory. However, the alternative, which is premature linen loss, can be even more expensive.

Some best practices take time to implement but others can be implemented immediately. You will be able to save more money over the long-term by reducing upfront costs and allowing you to spend more on guest experiences.


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