How to protect hotel linen from damage

Ulentextile is proud to produce high-quality linen that can withstand the test of time. This is particularly important for customers who own venues in the hospitality industry where linen turnover can be high. No matter how big or small your hotel is, you will need to replace linen regularly.

This issue can be partially solved by selecting a supplier who can demonstrate that it can produce quality linen that can withstand heavy washing cycles and constant use. There are some things that you can do to reduce the life expectancy of linen products, such as towels and bedding. It is important to know what causes this damage and how you can prevent it. This is what we will be discussing in this article.

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Make Sure You Have Enough Linen to Begin with

Even the smallest B&B or hotel needs enough linen to be able to change the bed linen and bath linens in any room. It is important to give your linen some time to dry after washing it.

Stocking less linen can result in your linen being washed more frequently, which can dramatically reduce its lifespan. Your ‘par level’ is the minimum product you should have to meet customer demand. You should also include a cushion in case of unexpected demand. For example, guests may need to replace their bedding more often than usual. However, we would be curious as to why they did so. ).

At all times, we recommend that you have at least three days worth of linen on hand. Quality linen is also important. You will save money if you buy quality linen. It will cost more upfront, but it will last for longer.

Linen Storage:

You shouldn’t leave your linen lying on the ground in a cupboard. It’s easy for it to get dirty and end up on the floor. It is a good idea to install shelves for your linen, which can then be cleaned regularly. You should not pack shelves with too many linen. This will make it difficult for the shelf to breathe. It should be kept in a dry and dark area.

Storage bags are a great way to store your linens well. They can double up to make it easy to move your linen around in the hotel. Ulentextile offers both bathroom linen storage bags and bedding storage bags.

Read our article to learn more about how to keep your linen fresh.

Make sure housekeepers are familiar with how to care for the linen

Ulentextile linen is durable enough to withstand commercial washing, but laundering linen is where most damage is likely. Your staff should be careful when putting linen in laundry chutes and transporting it in laundry boxes. Items like towels and bed sheets can easily get caught and torn. To ensure linens are not damaged by machinery and equipment, it should be regularly checked for metal burrs.

It is important that housekeepers take extra care when fitting a sheet of bedsheet onto a bed. If the process is too fast, it could cause damage to the frame. It has been reported that housekeepers can put all of the used linen in a duvet covering, which adds stress to the cover and can cause the fabric to tear. We know housekeepers are under pressure to turn rooms quickly, especially in large hotels. However, it will only lead to more money.

Housekeepers are often seen using guest towels or pillowcases to clean mirrors. This will cause linen to react with cleaning chemicals, which can reduce its life span and wear faster.

Make Sure You Choose the Correct Wash Cycles

While we have a lot more information on how to wash linens elsewhere on our blog. Here are some quick tips.

You shouldn’t mix different types linens, like towels and bedding. Towels are thicker than bedding, and can cause friction to wear off the bedding’s thinner fibres. You should ensure that washing instructions are correctly followed.

Also, don’t use too much detergent. This can cause damage to the threads and stain your linen. Follow the instructions to the letter.

Although it is tempting to fill the washer with as much as possible in a busy hotel, this can cause residue to remain on the items. It is better to wash smaller loads and to do more of them than to wash everything all at once.

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