How to maintain hotel sheets?

Your hotel sheets are important, whether you believe it or not. You want your guests to be able to rest comfortably on hotel-quality sheets. This means crisp, clean sheets that are luxuriously smooth and freshly washed.

Are you providing your guests ultra comfortablecleancozy bed sheets?

Another thing: How do you keep your hotel sheets ‘ perfect hygiene, week in and week out, guest by guest?

Continue reading to discover amazing ways to take care of your hotel sheets.


First, what is hotel quality sheets? These sheets are called hotel quality sheets.

This product is specifically designed for the hospitality sector

Superior fabric feels luxurious and soft.

Crispier, thicker, and heavier than retail bed sheets

A thicker thread/weave is used to withstand regular use and washing.

How do you choose hotel quality sheets? These are the clues to help you choose hotel quality sheets.

Select the bed sheet material that best suits your needs.

Pay close attention to the thread count printed on the label of the bedsheet. A higher thread count doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting better fabric.

Choose a suitable fabric weave to make your hotel sheets. For bed sheets, percale and satin weaves are very popular.

Find the perfect size bed sheet to fit your bed

Let’s now discuss how to choose hotel quality sheets.

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The quality and integrity of an establishment will determine how often they change their beds sheets.


Universal: All accommodation properties replace sheets or mattress pads upon checkout

Luxury hotels offer their guests the option of having their sheets changed every day or every other day. This is an environmental choice

Mid-scale Hotels may offer their guests an option

Are you a part of the list? Do you agree with the list? If so, how often do your hotel sheets get changed?


If the guest is able to stay for three nights, or earlier,

Every second guest’s stay, or earlier in the case of check-out?

What happens to sheets that are dirty?

If the customer asks you to change their sheets,

Check out each guest after they have checked out.

Here’s the deal:

No matter what your daily routine, your customers will notice it. Change your hotel sheets according to this.

This and This are customers who complain about poor accommodation services, including dirty sheets.

We’ll end with a short video showing hotels that haven’t changed their beds for guests.

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Different fabrics need different cleaning care. Knowing your symbols is the first step to cleaning your hotel sheets correctly.

How do you do that?

Read all labels on your sheets. Also, take note of any special cleaning requirements.

This includes:

Use the right washing cycle

This is the best way to dry your sheets.

The ideal ironing temperature

What to do with a cold or hot washer?

Bleach usage and avoidance


Before you wash your hotel sheets, separate them. You can sort your bed linen according to the following categories:

Level of soiling: Bed sheets with more dirt should be washed on a longer heavy duty cycle, separate from those with less soil.

Color shades: Dark coloured sheets can bleed. Therefore, wash them separately from white or light coloured sheets

Fabric type Silk should be washed separately from other sheets made of less sensitive fabrics, such as polyester.

Size: Combine large and small items for more effective washing. For example, you could wash your pillowcases and mattress pads along with hotel sheets.

Fabric Weight: Heavy beddings such as blankets and duvets need to be washed separately from lighter fabrics like bed linen.


You will be able to keep your commercial sheets stain-free once you know how to treat stains.

These are the main points to keep in mind

It will disappear if you can quickly treat the stain

Blot the stain by rubbing the stained fabric together. Use a white cloth to blot the stain at the edges.

As soon as possible, wash the stained sheets. Use the label’s warmest water recommendation

Are you stuck with a stain? For 30 minutes, soak the stained sheets in plain water

Spray the stain with detergent and wait 5-10 minutes before you wash your sheets.

These are some of the most common stains you might have to deal with.

You can make coffee, tea, berries and sweat stains.

Stains from blood, dirt and motor oil

Butter, margarine or grease stains

Chewing gum stains are just one example

You could probably use a stain-removal cheat sheet. Have a look, and remember to pin it.


It is crucial to use the right detergent for your laundry loads. You also need to use the detergent in the correct amount.

How do you decide how much detergent to use?

These are the things that will help to make your decision.

The amount of your load

How dirty are your bedsheets?

Your water’s hardness or softness

Type (read quality) of detergent you use

Before we move on to the next point, let’s take a look at some of the characteristics of a commercial detergent.

Here’s the deal:

Built to efficiently remove stubborn stains

Make sure to clean your sheets and leave them with mild fragrance.

Whiten your white sheets and keep them white

Protect your coloured sheets against fading

Useable at any temperature


It is possible to have the best washer. You could also have the best laundry detergent. You won’t get the best results if your washer isn’t properly loaded.

How do you load your washer the right way?

Knowing the drum size and load size of your washer is a great way to save time. This will help you save time as well as energy.

Avoid over-stuffing your laundry. This is a great way to save water.

This will help you determine the ideal load size.

Your hand should be in the drum. Your perfect load size is determined by how your hand fits between the drum and your laundry.


You can find the correct wash cycle on your bedsheet’s care label. It is important to read it carefully.

It will be simple to set the wash cycle once you have sorted your sheets by fabric type and colour.

For more information, see the table below:

Cycle Fabric Type Remarks
Normal/Regular Cycle Ideal for sheets with heavy stains or white sheets Fast agitation is used in the wash cycle and a fast spin.
Delicate Cycle For bed sheets that have a gentle wash tag, they are best. Silk sheets, for example. Slow agitation is recommended in the wash cycle.
Permanent Press Cycle Non-cotton sheets and synthetic fibres like rayon and polyester are best Fast agitation is used in the wash cycle. Slow spin cycles are used.


You must also pay attention to water temperature.

Why? The right water temperature will allow you to:

Brighten up your bed with bright, clean sheets

Make sure your bedsheets are not ruined by stains and runny.

Odours and banish spots

The table below provides a better picture.

Water Temperature Fabric Type Purpose
Cold Setting Sheets in dark colours

Brightly coloured sheets can fade or run.

Sheets that shrink

Sheets that are lightly soiled

Cold water is gentler on fabrics and saves energy
Warm Setting Synthetic sheets for bed

Fabrics for permanent press

Excellent cleaning power to preserve colors without any risk of shrinking or fading.
Hot Setting White sheets

Cotton sheets for bed

Bed sheets that are heavily stained

Hot water is great for removing tough stains and giving your sheets a thorough clean.

Tip Use the highest temperature water according to the care label to wash your hotel sheets. Hot water kills germs, eliminates dust mites, and is synonymous with bedding.



After your hotel sheets have been washed and dried, it is time to dry them.

Do this:

To avoid unpleasant musty odours, immediately take your hotel sheets from the washer.

To dry your hotel sheets properly, make sure you read the care labels.

Choose the right drying temperature to avoid shrinkage and damage to the fibers

Tip Hang your sheets outside to dry on a clothesline. Sunlight is a natural disinfectant and brightens whites.


Ironing is the most popular method to remove wrinkles from hotel sheets. Ironing is a great way to kill any germs or dust mites left behind after washing.

The wrinkled hotel sheets are not only unattractive but also uncomfortable to sleep on. But who can resist silky smooth sheets that feel amazing against their skin?

Ironing by hand can be time-consuming and expensive. It’s no wonder that established accommodation properties put their sheets through a large machine straight out of the washer. The machine can dry and fold hotel sheets in 30 seconds.

Is there a better way to care for wrinkled bed linen? You can borrow some handy tips from property owners.

Continue reading…

“Remove them from the dryer immediately and fold them. “You’d be surprised at how quickly sheets wrinkle if they sit in the dryer,” – Zacharias

To get the best results, wash the sheets slowly, spin them at a slow speed, then dry them in the wind. Then fold and smooth. Spraying a fine mist on the sheets before making the bed is a great tip that I received from someone at the CC. Then I just continue smoothing my fingers across the pillow-cases and duvet covers. It is best to do this the day before. Although the result won’t have the same shine as ironing, they look amazing and are wrinkle-free.” Julia

Keep your sheets clean, but dry them on low heat. Then take them out right away. I experienced terrible wrinkles from drying my sheets on high heat. “Now, almost none.” Jess

“Any sheet made from polyester/cotton 50/50 will be fine. It will not need ironing. If it is thin (as an upper sheet), it will dry quickly.” – Branka & Silvia

“I triple-sheet my beds, and I place my sheets slightly dampened on my bed to keep it wrinkle-free. Works like a charm!” – Sarah

“When I was a child, there were no permanent press materials. All sheets had to be ironed. Never again. The dryer is great for removing wrinkles. “I have never had any complaints about wrinkles and I don’t expect to.” – Kate


Your freshly washed hotel sheets and bedding should be kept dry in a cool, dry place. To avoid any fading, keep them out of direct sunlight.

Before you store your bed linens, make sure you fold them correctly and keep them in a place that isn’t too big.

This video will help you learn.


To keep your commercial linen looking great, it’s important to recognize when it is time for new sheets.

These are some tips to help you avoid the guesswork:

Materials The fabric you use on your hotel sheets should have a life expectancy of at least 10 years. Synthetic fibres tend to last less than natural fibres like silk, cotton, and linen.

Check for wear and tear on your sheets You should buy new sheets for guests who have fading, loose fibres and piling.

The lifespan of your bed sheets. Your commercial sheets are frequently used and exposed to bacteria, sweat, frequent washing, and frequent usage. These factors significantly reduce the lifespan of bed sheets.

Stains It is difficult to remove stubborn stains. Replace stained sheets with brand new ones. Do not let guests sleep on stained sheets

It begs the next question.


Online shopping is the best way to purchase hotel-quality sheets. You can find many wholesale suppliers of bed linen.

While you’re at it, take a look at Australian Linen Supply.

Australian Linen Supply is Australia’s largest importer and distributor of linen products for commercial laundry, hospitality and the healthcare sectors.

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