how to keep hotel sheets and towels looking great for longer periods of time

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Our hospitality clients have a common concern: how to keep hotel sheets and towels looking great for longer periods of time.

Using higher quality materials with a higher tensile strength will increase product performance and extend product life. These 5 key steps will help you maximize the performance of your linen and prolong its life.

  1. Separate and Collect

Sort linens into clearly defined categories (e.g. sheets, towels and visible stained items) and collect them promptly. Pillowcases and sheets should be separated from towels. They require different laundry processes, chemical detergents, temperatures, and time. Visibly stained items should not be washed with items that aren’t stained. The stain may spread to other items.

  1. Wash and load

The washer should be loaded to the right load size. We recommend that you load the washer to 70%-80% of its rated capacity. This will allow for water flow and efficient chemical as well as mechanical action. If properly loaded, the tumbling action allows the load to fall at the 11:00 position in clockwise rotation and the 1:00 position in counterclockwise rotation. This will allow linen items to open as they fall.

  1. Dry

After the wash cycle has ended, transfer the wet linens to your dryer. As dryers need to be able to tumble and get airflow, don’t overload them. Choose the right dry time and cool down time.

  1. Smooth and Fold

Take your linens out of the dryer immediately after it stops. The linens should be slightly chilled and the hems slightly damp. To prevent basket wrinkles, fold the linens as soon possible. Smoothen any wrinkles or creases with your hands.

  1. Stack and Condition

Lay the linens out on a flat surface and let them “condition”. The process of allowing the cotton fibers to dry after washing and then “conditioning” them is when they are allowed to air out. Cotton retains 7-8% of its “dry weight” in water. It is important that towels and sheets are allowed to dry completely before being used. This will speed up the drying process and allow linens to dry properly. It is recommended to keep the linens in storage for at least 24 hours before using them.

Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Choose the right wash formula
  • Do not overload the washer
  • Don’t over-dry
  • Do not let linens rest too long before folding.
  • Before you use linens, let them rest for 24 hours

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