How to improve the efficiency of cleaning hotel linen

For guests and staff at hotels, it is important to ensure that the laundry, bedding, and rooms are clean. This can negatively impact the reputation of your hotel and ultimately reduce the revenue you generate from guests.

However, cleaning so many rooms can be difficult. If there aren’t the right procedures, a hotel room may not appear as clean as it should be.

Always start with a strategy plan

A plan is essential to ensure that staff at hotels know how to clean each room when they move into a new one. Staff may try different cleaning methods every time they clean if there isn’t a plan.

Cleaning will be more efficient if there is a plan. Because staff learns their routine over time, they will be able do the job faster every time. This allows the hotel to keep track of when and where rooms were cleaned each day throughout its hotel. It makes it easier for staff to spot any mistakes or rooms that aren’t being cleaned correctly.

Lower the temperature of your laundry

Europe is moving away from hot 40-degree washes to cool 30-degree washes. Many laundry loads in Europe have been washed at a lower temperature over the past 35.6 billion loads. This has resulted in a 1,307.9GWh power savings across Europe. This is great news for the hotel industry.

This wash is safe for laundry and can not be changed by temperature. The hotel industry can also benefit from the energy savings that these washes offer.

Do not forget to get the mattress

When hotel laundry is not being washed frequently, it is easy to forget about a hotel mattress. More and more hotels are implementing a new trend to ensure that mattresses are washed regularly. This creates a better overall experience for customers who pay more to have their mattresses washed on a regular basis, instead of washing them one-by-one.

Staff should use the crevice tool to press the mattress down. This will allow you to remove any trapped dust or dirt that you don’t see. Use mild suds or fabric cleaner to remove stains. After drying, you can spray it with disinfectant spray to clean it.

Cleaning with polymer beads

Hotels should use polymer beads to revolutionize the way laundry is cleaned in the industry. Beads are used as a cleaning agent instead of water. This is more sustainable than using fresh water and is also less expensive. The hotel’s water bills will rise dramatically if it provides fresh water to wash laundry.

Detergents also have changed

The hotel industry is known for washing multiple loads of laundry on a daily basis. This can have a significant effect on the environment. There are now readily biodegradable detergents that are phosphate-free, vegetable- and plant-based, and can be made from materials that are easily digestible.

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