How to clean hotel B&B curtains

WATCH 5 steps towards cleaner curtains

Although it may seem daunting to give your curtains a thorough wash, it is essential if you want them to stay in good condition. Curtains not only add to the beauty of a room but also keep dust out. Therefore, you should vacuum them every week and clean them thoroughly every few years.

It can make curtains last longer by taking the time to clean them. You will need to replace your curtains if you don’t.

Follow our step-by cleaning guide to keep your curtains looking new.


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Maintain your curtains in perfect condition

Remove all curtain weights and hooks, and then loosen the tape. If the fabric is susceptible to shrink, you can reduce the hem. To remove dust, shake the fabric.

Let the curtains soak in cold water. Next, wash the curtains according to the fabric type. Hand-washing is best. Make sure that the detergent has been thoroughly dispersed before you immerse the curtains. Do not rub or wring.

Rinse well. Use a quick washer spin to get as much water out as possible. Use a delicates program if machine-washing is required.

Iron curtains while they are still damp. To prevent seam puckering, stretch the fabric along the length of the fabric. To get the curtains to the correct length, hang them while they are still slightly damp.
Please note: Only iron or spin them if they are recommended by the care label.

Before putting back curtains, dust and clean the tracks, windows, and sills.

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Having your curtains dry-cleaned

It may be easier to dry clean curtains that are heavy or large. The website offers recommendations for dry cleaning services that are reliable by postcode and also provides advice about garment care.

Your curtains made of velvet, velour or chenille, tapestry and brocade, silk, wool, or silk should be dried-cleaned. Interlined curtains should be treated in the same way.

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