How to choose the right hotel linens?

The crisp white sheets on the beds are the first thing guests notice when they enter a hotel room. The right linen can make the difference between a luxurious and restful night of sleep in a hotel.
What are the 3 main factors to consider when buying a product?
Bed Linen:
Thread count
To really judge the quality of the linen, you need to pay attention to the thread count. The higher the thread count, then the more luxurious it is.
* 120-170 – Thin sheets for use in hospitals and other places where a simpler material is required.
* 200: Cool and light cotton, mostly used in summer. This is a common choice in hotels that require crisp, clean bed linen on a tight budget.
* 400: Our best-selling cotton product. This is a soft, but more substantial cotton count that is loved for its durability and cool feel. This product can be found on major hotels worldwide.
* 600: This is the point where the end of quality starts. It’s possible because of the use of compressed air technology during the weaving process. This fabric is beautiful, lustrous, and uniform. It’s also very soft and smooth.
* 800-1000: Pure luxury and indulgence at its finest with an event that is more lustrous and has a richer fabric.
The right fabric
The choice of the right fabric for your hotel room is a matter of personal preference.
* Percale is a tightly woven, plain weave spun fabric that can be made from both carded or combed yarns. Percale is usually only found in high-thread-count fabrics, which give the fabric a silky feel. Percale is a fabric strength that will last through multiple washes, making it ideal for hotel use.
* Sateen is a weave construction with more threads on its top surface than other types. This results in a soft look and a sheen that resembles satin. Percale weave sheets made from cotton sateen are typically softer than Percale weave sheets so it is up to you to decide which one to prefer.
Washing Information
You want your linen to last a long time after you have chosen it. Take a look at our washing instructions to ensure the best possible results.
Towels are an important part of creating a luxurious experience for your hotel guests. King of Cotton has many decades of experience in providing towels to hotels, including five-star properties. There are many styles and ranges of towels to choose from. Here are the top three pieces of information that will help you make your choice.

The towel weight is measured in grams per square metres. The higher the GSM, or the thickness/heavier fabric, the better. A towel with a weight lower than 500gSM will be more suitable for warmer months and trips to a pool. For the best comfort and absorbency, 500GSM+ towels are recommended.
Your brand’s name embossed on linen gives it an extra personal touch. You can also email us your logo for a quote at our corporate rates.
Egyptian cotton
The texture of a cotton towel will vary depending on what type of cotton is used. Egyptian cotton towels are more luxurious and last longer. Check out our Egyptian Cotton Vs. Normal Cotton post to find out if Egyptian cotton is right for you.

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