How to choose the right hotel Amenities

This may seem awkward. However, every time I book a hotel I call to verify if there are towels, toiletries (Body wash, moisturizer) and TCM (Tea maker) in my room.

I am a light traveller, and don’t carry any essentials.

It does sometimes happen that hoteliers do not have certain amenities because of budget constraints, availability or low importance. This affects the guest experience.

How do you know what hotel amenities are most important?

You don’t have to worry about it, I will help you choose the amenities for your hotel.

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What amenities are available in hotels?

How do you choose amenities for your hotel?

Understand guest segment

Find out the type of your property.

Guest preferences

Analyse your budget

Find out if amenities are available

Which amenities are the most important for a hotel?

What amenities are available in hotels?

Hotel amenities can be described as facilities offered by a property to enhance their stay.

A standard room, for example, is filled with:

  • Cupboard with hangers
  • Safety box
  • Study table and chair
  • Coffee table
  • Stationeries
  • Towels
  • Toiletries
  • Smart TV
  • Minibar

Guests can only use certain amenities (minibar, toiletries, stationery), while others cannot be used.

It’s almost like having two types of hotel amenities. They can be divided into complementary and paid.

The former can be further broken down into consumable and not-consumable amenities. These are usually tangibles as they include services like a cafeteria, bar, or vending machine.

Other than that, there are many other categories, such as luxuries, spa, theatre room or private pool in suites), essentials and creative amenities (welcome/departure gift, fruit basket, lawn setup on balcony, books to be read in the room).

How do you choose amenities for your hotel?

Before you choose the right amenities for your hotel, it is important to consider the following factors. Let’s have a look at these.

  1. Learn about the guest segment

Before you decide on amenities for your hotel, it is important to understand the needs of your guests. If your hotel is primarily for business travelers, then the amenities needed would be different than those required for family vacationers.

Business travelers would seek out hotels with Wi-Fi, laundry service, meeting rooms, Wi-Fi access and a travel desk for pick up and drop. A family might choose a hotel with amenities that cater to their needs, such as a coffee shop, 24-hour restaurant/coffee shop, and recreational activities like swimming pool, outdoor games or open lawns.

While you are planning the amenities that your hotel should have, take time to get to know your guests so you can identify the most popular ones for each group.

Once you have a list of guests, organize them according to their preferences and amenities.

  1. Find out the type of your property

The type of property is another important factor you should not overlook. I have written many blogs about hospitality businesses. One common theme was investing in the right amenities for guests. Your focus should be on corporate guests if your property is a hotel.

It might not be worth your time to invest in amenities or facilities such as kitchenettes in your rooms, or trips for exclusion for your family. You should pick amenities for your hotel that are in line with your property’s theme/category.

  1. Find out what guests prefer

When choosing hotel amenities, remember to take into account the preferences of your guests. You can do this by using feedback and reviews.

You can make it easier by choosing a reputation software. This will give you a detailed report on what your guests want and what you can do to improve their stay.

You should also be aware of trends that have been adopted by other hoteliers. For your reference, I recommend researching the most popular hotel amenities and updating your list.

  1. Analyse your budget

After you’ve compiled a list of all hotel amenities that you require for your property, you can now check the most important hurdle faced by hoteliers-budget.

The ongoing pandemic has adversely affected the hospitality and travel industry, as we all know. Many hotels have closed or are operating in stealth mode, as a result.

While revenge tourism may be a popular trend, guests tend to travel cautiously. Don’t rush to purchase every amenity your guests want. It’s important to determine if you can afford it.

If you don’t know the answer, then avoid these amenities, but don’t sacrifice quality for convenience.

101 Tips for Hotel Budgeting

  1. Verify the availability of amenities

A lack of amenities is a common problem for hotels. Let me give you an example.

Many properties are adapting sustainable ways to be eco-friendly. The problem is that there are not many eco-friendly and organic products.

They are also very expensive. They are also expensive and must be either imported or purchased directly from the manufacturer.

In reality, most of the time, the product is not available due to inaccessible delivery areas, low production or company inability to match the requested quality.

Hotels must maintain a consistent level of service. This means you can’t keep updating the brand of amenities. This discrepancy, as I mentioned earlier, can hinder your guests’ experience and mainly of regular ones.

Which amenities are the most important for a hotel?

You are now more aware of the important factors to consider when choosing amenities for a hotel. Let me share some of them with you:

  • The following are the essential amenities that every hotel room should have:

Towels (Pair 2 bath towels, 1 face towel).


Hangers in cupboard

Bathroom mirror


Hair dryer (preferably upon request)

Mineral water (2 bottles per room)

Notepad and pen/pencil

TVs with dish connection or Smart TV

You can also choose a coffee table or a study table.

Lounge chair

Tissue box

  • Additional amenities for guests in the hotel

A dining facility

Luggage room

Breakfast included in the CP Plan


Public Restroom

Elevators are available if your property is greater than 2 stories high

Parking is free


The hotel’s amenities play an important role in improving guest experience. This is the first thing guests consider when booking a property.

Although you might stock your hotel with many amenities, it is important to determine which ones are most beneficial.

This blog will help you to check the amenities in your hotel and make sure that you take the necessary steps to improve them. If I’ve missed any amenities, please let me know by the comments.


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