How to choose the Perfect Hotel Linen?

Let’s face it, the first thing that you think of when entering a hotel room are the sheets and the linen. After a long day of exploring or business meetings, we’d be lying if our bodies didn’t want to relax in the hotel’s crisp sheets and soft pillows. It’s quite special to be able to sleep in a large, luxurious hotel bed. But only if you have the right bedding. The difference between a restful and uncomfortable night is the bedding.

Your hotel’s linen is what guests first notice when they enter your rooms. It’s essential to get the linen right, from the crisp white sheets to quality pillowcases. We’ve compiled a guide on how to choose the right linen for your hotel so that your guests can have a restful night.

Understanding thread count

Let’s first look at thread count. The best way to gauge the quality of a material is by looking at its thread count. The higher the thread count, then the more luxurious it will be. The thread count refers to the number of threads that are weaved into the sheet in both length and breadth per square inch.

  • 120-170: These are basic and affordable; they are used primarily in hospitals.
  • 200: These sheets are ideal for budget hotels and can be used in the summer months. They are made of light cotton.
  • 400: These sheets are used by many hotel chains and are very popular because they are durable, cool, and can be reused often.
  • 600: Soft, smooth, and lustrous. This is considered high quality.
  • These sheets are the most luxurious and indulgent of all.

Selecting the right fabric

It’s important to choose the right material, not only for thread count. There are many fabrics available, so choosing the right one is crucial. Your personal preferences and desired feel in the hotel will determine which fabric you choose. The top two fabrics for hotels are cotton and polycotton.


The most common fabric for sheets and bedding is cotton. Cotton is the perfect fabric for hotel linen. It’s durable, soft, breathable and inexpensive. Cotton is easy to maintain and retains its whiteness even after repeated washes. This is especially important for hotels where sheets must be washed nearly every day.

Cotton can be used in almost all climates because it traps heat during winter and allows cool air through in summer. This will keep your hotel guests comfortable at all times. Cotton sheets can be used throughout the year, which saves you money. You can modify the feel and weight of your linen by adding rayon or other materials.


Polycotton is a combination of cotton and durable polyester. Polycotton linen can have a rougher texture than cotton because it contains a man-made synthetic fibre, polyester. However, many linen companies employ a combing process to remove unwanted fibres from the cloth. It is more comfortable to touch when it has luxurious cotton mixed with polyester.

Polycotton is very easy to maintain and durable. It can also withstand repeated washing and drying. This makes it an excellent choice for hotel use. Because the fabric retains the colour’s brightness well, polycotton is an affordable option for bed sheets with coloured designs.

What is percale bedlinen?

Percale is sometimes mistaken for a type or fabric, but it actually refers a type and weave. When choosing the right hotel linen, the weave is crucial. It affects how a sheet feels and looks. Plain weaves are made from equal amounts of horizontal and vertical yarns. Percale, an upscale plain weave that uses a simple crisscross pattern to create a durable yet soft fabric, is called Percale. Percale bed linen can withstand repeated washings and drying because it is tightly woven.

Percale linen is very popular in hotels. Percale linen is authentic and has at least 180 threads per square in. This gives it a luxurious, soft finish.

Patterns and colours

Many hotels prefer white linen for their bed linens. White linen is timeless. It looks clean, fresh and minimal in any space. White is also one of the easiest colors to maintain, even if there are spills or stains. White bedding is versatile and stylish. It’s the perfect mix of masculine and feminine decor.

Sets of white hotel linen save money because you only have to replace one item at once. It can be challenging to match colours because different batches may take on different colors. To ensure that all your towels and linens match, it is possible to replace individual pieces. This can prove costly and inefficient.

This doesn’t mean that you should only use white linen for your hotel. There are many coloured, patterned, and textured options available if you want to change from plain white bed linen, or if you just want to stand out. When done well, floral and geometric prints can be stylish and modern in a hotel room. Modern and trendy block colours are also possible. Pastels shades and grays are on-trend and versatile. They look great when matched with other features such as curtains and rugs.

Why hire a professional linen company?

After you have mastered the basics of thread counts, fabric colours and their uses, it is time to look for a reliable linen rental company. A linen hire company can make all the difference in your hotel’s operation. You can be sure that your linen, from towels and bedding to tablecloths and napkins, is freshly washed when you hire a linen rental service. You don’t need to take up time for laundry or other laundry tasks.

Every piece of linen you receive will have been thoroughly cleaned, softened, smoothed, and checked before it reaches you. This ensures that it is ready for use on your beds. This not only saves you time but also ensures that your guests have the best sheets.

We know how important it is for your guests to feel comfortable when they arrive at your hotel. It is crucial to provide the best hotel laundry service for your guests in order to ensure a pleasant stay. To ensure that our customers get the highest quality hotel linen, all of our linen is subject to rigorous quality control.

Our hotel linen is of premium quality and ideal for luxury hotels who want to offer their guests a memorable experience.

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