How to Calculate How Much Hotel Linen You Need to Buy

It really boils down to simple math when it comes to understanding your linen requirements and how many linens you should purchase for your hotel to ensure that your customers don’t end up sleeping on top of a mattress and drying off with a towel instead of a full-blown bath towels.

It is very basic.

It’s here…

Multiply all by 3

What does this mean?


Here’s an example.

If your room has two queen-size beds, then you will need to purchase linen.

Add all the numbers to get the total amount of linen needed for your hotel room. In this example, 12 sheets would be required. For the two beds, you will need four sheets. Six pillowcases are required. You will need 6 bath towels and 6 hand towels. 6 washcloths and 6 wash cloths.

This formula is great as you only need one set of linen to provide the room with clean, new linen. One set will be needed to be washed and dried. It must then be folded, ironed, and folded for the next day. You should have a full supply of laundry detergent on hand and in a storage area in case you are required to change something right away.

This simple formula allows you to always have linens on hand. It also ensures that your linens last a long time without getting worn down.

Let’s take a look at some hotel linen requirements, such as those found in small California towns like Cambria and Morro Bay. This area is home to many small, but highly-respected and frequently booked motels and hotels.

Let’s say that a hotel has 20 rooms. This is what it will need for hotel linens.

There are 15 rooms, each with 2 queen beds, and each bed requires 2 pillows. Five rooms have a king-size bed, and each bed requires three pillows. Each bathroom has 2 bath towels, 2 towels for hand, and 1 mat. Let’s suppose that you have 2 sheets per bed.

This magic formula works…

15 rooms with two queen beds each equals 30 queen beds. To be able to use those beds, you will need 60 sheets. 180 queen sheets will be required.

Each queen bed requires 2 pillows, so we need 2 pillowcases. This leaves us with 60 pillowcases. Multiply this by 3 to get 180 pillowcases.

Next, you have 5 king-sized beds that each require 2 king sheets. It’s easy enough, right? So if you want 10 king sheets, then you will need to purchase 30, king sheets. Each bed now has three pillows, which equals 3 cases. You will need 15 more cases, so multiply that number by 3, which equals 45 and add to your total. You will need and 225 pillowcases.

It’s simple to get towels.

There are 20 rooms, so you will need two towels for each room. You also need one bathmat. You will need 40 bath towels and 40 hand towels. 40 washcloths, 40 towels, 40 towels, and 20 mats. The total amount you need is…

120 Bath Towels


120 Washcloths

and 60 Bathmats

Remember the magic formula of 3 A set of linen is essential for each room. A set of linens will be needed to wash them. You will also need a set of linens that can be used on shelves or laundry carts.

This formula will help you determine how many linens to purchase for your hotel.

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