How every property can get their Hotel amenities services

Your business’ success is directly related to the services and quality you provide your guests. You must be mindful of amenities.

There are many types of amenities. Your target demographic, the needs of your guests, your budget and the competition in the local market will all influence the form that amenities take at your hotel.

This blog will guide you through managing amenities in your hotel and how to use them to enhance the guest experience.

Table of Contents

1. Why is it so important to have hotel amenities?

2. Ideas for hotel amenities for your property

3. High-end luxury and hotel amenities

4. Creative and cool hotel amenities to consider

5. A list of amenities and services for hotels: Simple to complex

6. How hotel features and facilities affect pricing

7. Hotel amenities: Key Takeaways

Why is hotel amenities so important

The hotel amenities can make or break a guest’s stay. They can even be the reason that they choose to book or leave positive feedback.

You can make your amenities stand out from the rest and provide memorable experiences.

This is why it’s important to make informed decisions about the amenities that you place in your rooms and around your property. What price will you charge? What would you consider an additional, perk, or add-on? What amenities should you consider essentials free?

Remember these two things:

An amenity could be as small as a microwave, or as large as a gym.

Do not underestimate the importance guests place upon fancy or gimmicky amenities

This is the second thing to remember. This second point should be highlighted. The majority of hotel guests consider cleanliness their top priority when they stay in a hotel room. Some studies have shown that 97% considered cleanliness to be the most important element in a hotel room, even years before COVID-19. If they are unhappy with their room, no amount of convenient or luxury amenities will change their mind. A related factor is that guests now view Wi-Fi as a standard feature and not something they need to pay for.

It is important to offer the same amenities to guests who are visiting your hotel. You will get better reviews and more guests will feel that they had a great stay.

Ideas for hotel amenities to enhance your property

Your brand and guest segments should be represented in the amenities of your hotel. However, there are many options within this framework.

Consider what your hotel is known for. What is it known for?

What is the best way to get quality for a small budget?

Business guests deserve comfort and convenience

Boutique luxury?

Are you a family-friendly?

A unique tourist attraction itself?

Make a list of the most important features that make up your property, and ensure your amenities reflect them. This will make it more likely that the guests you wish to attract will book your property and leave positive reviews. You want your guests to have a great experience. That starts with winning them over. While there may not be anything wrong with what you do, a family will care less about heated bathrooms floors if they don’t have parenting facilities. Effective marketing and setting expectations is the first step in making your hotel amenities a success.

These are some ideas for amenities in your hotel.

For guests who want to keep fit while on the road, there are exercise facilities. You might be able to offer equipment in your guest rooms, such as resistance bands or weights, even if you are not a hotel that has a gym.

Whitegoods include a refrigerator or microwave. Whitegoods can be used to store food and other supplies in the room. It’s not fancy, but it’s very convenient.

You can find a variety of appliances, including hair dryers, hair straighteners and ironing boards. There are also plenty of outlets for charging your devices. You might also have toothbrushes and phone chargers on hand for guests who forget or are in hurry. This is not a fancy item, but it will be appreciated by guests.

There are many things guests love about the hotel, such as spas, bars, saunas and pools. They will feel great if they can relax and enjoy their time.

Offering guests the option to create packages that are customized: Allow them to choose what floor they want, which room they prefer and how much. You could let them choose a room with a balcony or pick the floor of their room. Also, they can select what items to be kept in their fridge or mini-bar.

With unique touches, surprise and delight your guests. Partner with local retailers to give your guests a product in their rooms. You might choose to give your guests a pair or running shoes, beach towels, or a backpack.

Remember that post-COVID guests want to experience calming and health-promoting experiences.

Do you need help with upselling and setting up offers? To find out who can assist, visit the hotel app store

You should also give your guests ample information about your amenities before they arrive so that they are fully informed. Give guests great photos of the amenities and rooms, along with an explanation of their features. Slideshows and image galleries are a favorite with online bookers. Clear information about your location is important. Don’t simply give an address, as guests may not know where it is. Make sure guests know where you are located near shopping areas, tourist attractions, and other points-of-interest.

Examples of luxury and high-end hotel amenities

While luxury guests have their own expectations, they also want to feel like they are making a wise investment. They expect to be treated well and lavished during their stay.

They will probably be less hands-on and independent than guests, so basic needs that a family or budget traveller would love are not as important to a luxury traveller. They will expect you to take care of all their needs. Luxury can also mean different things to different people. While some guests might simply prefer a sense of comfort and timeliness, others may desire ultimate decadence and a greater sense of personalization.

Viceroy Riviera Maya, Mexico sends a soap concierge directly to every villa, so that guests can choose the organic and fragrant soap to use in their rooms.

Other ideas:

To ensure that guests suffering from allergies feel at ease, we purify the rooms

You can leave your guests with a taste of the local history or flavour – something that will give them a unique piece of the local community.

A cocktail bar can replace the mini-bar

In a world dominated by the internet, handwritten notes and handcrafted products will be able to stand out.

You can organize private or VIP shopping trips with local vendors

Make it easy for guests to request room service by placing a tablet in each room.

It is a luxury to choose luxury, and your hotel doesn’t need to spend a lot of money to make it feel luxurious.

Check out these cool and innovative hotel amenities

Your hotel amenities will always stand out if they are different from your competition.

It is easiest to do this once in a while by taking advantage of the location of your hotel.

You can offer tastings in guest rooms if the community is known for its brewing and distilling. Also, guests may be able to get discount coupons for local businesses if they wish to visit them.

You might consider giving your guests their own canvas and paint supplies if there are many art museums nearby. This will allow them to try their hand at creativity.

To give your guests an unforgettable experience, make sure you have a different instrument for any performances or music that is played in the area.

It is also a good idea to tie together your amenities into different experiences throughout your hotel. The Towers of Waldorf’s rooftop beehives are an example of this. The hotel uses honey for their three-course lunch and small groups can visit the beehives.

Blackout curtains are another option that may impress guests. They can make their rooms pitch black at any moment, soundproofing measures will eliminate outside noise, and they can control all room functions remotely, such as lighting, heating, and bed height.

Do you want to drive more direct bookings and sell your extras or packages? Use an online booking engine.

A list of amenities and services for hotels: Simple to complex

Are you looking for an assortment of amenities to use in your hotel?

The following list can be used as inspiration for all budgets and types of travelers.

Mobile check-in

Tools such as ironing boards, hair dryers, hair curlers, hangars, charging ports

Complimentary water and coffee in the room

Workspaces and desks

Features in the kitchen include a microwave, refrigerator, and blender

Spa and pool services

Airport shuttle and transportation services are free

Flexible check-in/check-out

A full range of high-quality toiletries

Prior to and after check-in/out, complimentary luggage storage

Facilities for pets

Classes in cooking, art/craft or exercise

Social gatherings and meetings in communal spaces

Restaurants and gyms in-house

Scooters and bikes for exploring the outdoors

Produce and items that are locally sourced

Children’s playgrounds and games rooms

You can explore more ideas in the blog sections.

Pricing is affected by the hotel’s facilities and features

The hotel amenities you provide can enhance the guest experience and attract more bookings. They can also direct revenue to your property and affect the price of your rooms and packages.

It is up to you how you approach it. However, you can charge more for extras like extra entertainment on the television, upgraded toiletries, robes, towels, dryers, irons or kettles. You might also charge extra for priority parking, use of the pool, and access to fitness facilities. These might be included in the room rate, added to packages, or sold as an optional extra.

You must also consider your competitors. Knowing what your competitors have can help you price competitively. It’s easy to increase your rates if you are the only hotel in town that has a restaurant or pool.

Hotel amenities: Key Takeaways (TL;DR)

You can make your amenities stand out from the rest. Here are some ways you can create an experience that guests will remember.

If they are unhappy with their room, no amount of convenient or extravagant amenities will change that.

Make a list of the most important qualities that define your property, and ensure your amenities match them

Your guests deserve the best experience possible. That starts with choosing the right people.

Make sure to give guests ample information about your facilities before they arrive

Different people may have different definitions of luxury.

It doesn’t cost your hotel much to create a feeling of luxury.

Your hotel can be a collection of your amenities.

You will find amenities to suit every budget and type of traveller

Price competitively by knowing the difference between you and your competitors.

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