About Hotel Guest Supplies

The housekeeping staff’s most important task is to make sure that guests feel comfortable in their rooms and other areas of the hotel. The housekeeping staff makes sure that the guest rooms and bathrooms are equipped with the necessary supplies. This is so that the guest doesn’t have to pack all their essential items while traveling.

The hotel policy and the standard of the room may dictate that the list of supplies can be changed. While preparing the room for guests’ check-in, the housekeeping staff must ensure that these supplies are in good condition and in adequate numbers.

We will continue to discuss guest supplies.

Check out these supplies for your guest room

The supplies for guest rooms are considered essentials. The following supplies are placed in the guest rooms by the housekeeping staff:

Furniture It includes a bed, bedside tables, chairs, wardrobe with locker facility and writing table. There is also a dressing table, center table and holder for magazines.

Bedding It includes a mattress, bed sheet and quilt.

Bedside Products – These include non-slip mats to be placed on either side of the bed.

Bedside table supplies – These include a telephone and a printed list of important intercom numbers, such as the reception, restaurant and laundry. Depending on the religious orientation of the guest, the housekeeping staff may also provide a copy or Geeta, Koran, or Bible.

Center Table Supplies This includes room service, laundry services, and spa and rate cards. The table also includes an ash tray, and a small decorative centre piece.

Clothing and Fashion Care This includes a bathrobe, rocking chair cover and coffee table cover. It also includes hangers for clothes or ties.

Hospitality Tray This is a small tray that can hold sachets for coffee, tea, chocolate, cocoa powder and creamer. Some hotels offer condiments such as black pepper powder and salt. You will also find an electric kettle, several cups, saucers and spoons as well as a water bottle to allow you to make your favorite beverage every day.

Minibar Supplies This includes a small refrigerator that can hold soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, sodas, and ice cubes. You will also receive a few personal portions of salted peanuts or cashew nuts as well as chips.

Writing Desk Materials – A pencil, an eraser and promotional brochures are all available.

Check out this list of supplies for guest bathrooms

These items are considered guest essentials. These supplies are to be used by guests or taken with them when they leave. The list of supplies needed for the guest bathroom will vary depending on the room.

Bathroom Attachments A bath area with a shower and handheld attachments, a hot-cold mixer and handheld handheld shower attachment, a soap dispenser, toilet paper attach, towel holder and a basin that has a hot-cold-water mixer attachment.

Towels: A couple of small and large towels for guests. They can be used as per their needs.

Dustbin A small dustbin with a lid that can be opened by the foot. It is lined inside with a plastic bag.

Nonslip Foot-mat It is usually kept close to the bathtub.

Slippers Flat slippers for guests.

Mirror– This large mirror can be mounted on the wall above the basin.

Hair Dryer A wall-mounted fixed hair dryer is kept in the bathroom.

Vanity Tray – It includes small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. Some hotels provide a moisturizer, hand and foot creams, ear buds and a manicure kit. You may also find a few empty glasses, disposable toothbrushes and a small amount of mouthwash.

Items available upon request

The guests receive the items on their request when they ask. These supplies are not required for regular guests. These items are often given as guest expendables. Some of these are:

Alarm clock


Crib or Cradle

Disposable diapers

Disposable razor

Electric blanket

An electric fan

Extra blankets

Medical kit for first aid

Shower attachment for handheld

Equipment for hearing

Hot water bag


Ironing board


Potty Ring for the toilet

Toilet seat raised

Sanitary napkins

Sewing kit





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