A Guide to the Different Types of hotel Blankets

Every hotel makes it a priority to provide the best service possible. No matter if they provide their guests with luxurious rooms, plush laundry, delicious food, comfortable beddings, or many other facilities, it is important to them. Everything should be done to the satisfaction of guests in lodgings or motels.

When it comes to bedding, guests need clean sheets, comfortable pillows with clean pillow covers and soft blankets.

What are blankets?

Blankets are soft, cozy pieces of cloth large enough to wrap oneself in. These are especially useful in winter. The more comfortable and relaxing you sleep, the blankets will be. Because of their thickness and longer fabric, wool is used for thicker blankets. However, cotton is used for lighter blankets. Blankets come in a variety of colors and prints. Although the blanket is often used interchangeably with comforters, quilts, and duvets, they are all similar in their use.

The most common blankets are fleece and acrylic. They also include polyester, nylon, wool, and cotton.


Ulen specializes in premium Fleece blankets and Micro Polar Fleece hotel blanketsSoft touch Flocked blankets and Acrylic/Polyester blankets.

Fleece blankets:

These soft, cozy fleece blankets feel luxurious and comfortable. The fabricated material will not let you feel cold. These fleece blankets are sure to give you a warm and cozy feeling. They can be purchased in your choice of colors. These plush fleece blankets are available at an affordable price.

You can view their sizes and colors by clicking the links below.

Soft Touch Flocked Blanket (100% Nylon):

You can rest easy with the Soft Touch Flocked Blanket. It has happened to you that you feel enlightened and a bit ethnic. If so, then you should definitely consider buying this plush soft touch flocked blanket-100-nylon-each-4cs 90×90-queen. This plush, soft-touch flocked blanket will do the trick. The Soft Touch Flocked Blanket has been 100% made of nylon. These soft-touch, flocked blankets provide a comfortable and soft feel. These soft-touch, flocked blankets are very affordable and will help you save money.

All king- and queen-size beds are available.

You can view their sizes by clicking the links below.

Acrylic Cover/Polyester:

These are the perfect acrylic blankets for those who are looking for something in acrylic material. These acrylic blankets will be a welcome addition to your bedrooms. These acrylic blankets made with a mix of polyester and will add elegance to your bed. Acrylic blankets are in high demand. These blankets are soft and cozy, making winters more bearable. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, and are affordable.

You can view their sizes by clicking the links below.

Micro Polar Fleece Hotel Blanket:

Micro Polar Fleece blankets are ideal for hotels. Made from 100% polyester fleece material. These Micro Polar Fleece blankets have a double-needle stitch and are non-pill, self-hemmed. The Micro Polar Fleece hotel blanket is made from polyester fleece. It promises to be softer, smoother and cozier. These plush Micro Polar Fleece Hotel Blankets in Ivory Color are available at an affordable price.

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