5 Tips for Buying Hotel Disposable Slippers

I first take my shoes off when I get to the hotel room. Then, I put on my slippers. This is a crucial moment for my feet as it allows them to rest, breathe, and recover, so they are ready for the next day’s hard work.

Most people do the same thing.

Because slippers are often the first impression guests get, hotel slippers are essential. Even a basic hotel can be upgraded by this small detail.

Ulen Textile has a wide range of slippers, from basic to luxury, to fit every budget and hotel.

Slippers are available in open- or closed-toe and come in a variety of sizes.

These slippers are high-quality and can be customized to suit your taste and budget.

Slippers seem to be an essential part of every outfit. We thought it would be useful to share some tips when you are looking for slippers.

  1. Material/Type of fabric

These slippers can be used for several purposes. This is the best question to ask when deciding on the material.

Non-woven Slipper. This lighter, wider-cut slipper made of polyester is ideal for use on carpeted floors and in general rooms. They are not recommended for use in slippery areas as their soles are mostly made of cardboard.

Non-woven Waterjet Slipper; This slipper is good for both carpeted and general room use. An anti-slip sole makes it suitable for slippery areas.

A lightweight knitted polyester slipper. This disposable white slipper is ideal for use in hotels, spas and wellness. It is made of 80% Polyester and 20% cotton.

Polyester Knitted Velour Slipper; made from poly-velour. It is suitable for use in bathrooms and on carpeted areas. The slipper’s interior is made of terry/cotton, while the outside is made of velour/polyester. The material is made of 80% Polyester, 20% Cotton.

PolyCottonTerry Slipper; This is a lightweight, terry knitted, polyester slipper. This disposable white slipper is ideal for use in hotels, spas and wellness. It is made of 80% Polyester and 20% cotton.

Terry Woven Slipper. It’s made from 100 % cotton and 330 gsm of terry fabric. Terry slipper is a soft, lightweight and comfortable closed-toe slipper that can be worn in hotels or for relaxing tired feet.

Waffle Slipper.It’s made from 100 % cotton and 200 gsm waffle fabric. Waffle pique is elegant and a great choice for hotel slippers.

  1. Type of sole – Floor of use

The sole choice will depend on the floor. It is important to choose the right sole for all floors, whether it be anti slip or non-slip.

Cardboard Sole


This sole is light and suitable for use in rooms with carpeting.

It is not recommended for slippery areas that do not have anti sip dots.

This simple standard sole is an affordable option, especially for hotels with low budgets.

This sole is our favorite for disposable non-woven slippers

Eva Sole

This is an Eva sole measuring 4mm.

It can be used on all floors of a hotel room, as well as in the spa or Wellness.

Sponge/Eva Sole

An insole is made of a 15-20mm sponge.

The Eva sole is 4-6mm thick.

This product is ideal for use in bathrooms and rooms with carpeting.

This sole model is very comfortable and attractive, making it ideal for luxury usage.

Plastic Sole

It is made of 4-5mm plastic, so it can be used in carpeted areas as well as general bathroom use. This is slightly more expensive than Eva soles.

Non-slip sole

It is a 3-4mm thin sole with non-slip dots at its bottom.

  1. The Size

Nearly all hotels prefer single-size slippers for their guests. They come in sizes between 26 and 29 cm. Most of our products are made for europian countries in 28 cm. either for women or men.

  1. Slipper design

This model can be customized with your personalization.

Slippers can have your logo or hotel name written on them. For custom slippers, printing or embroidery, the minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces.

You can embroider terry, velvet or waffle slippers. Non-woven slippers do not lend themselves to embroidery or printing.

You can also print on velour slippers or polyester slippers. Terry slippers cannot be printed.

Slippers should not be labeled. The best label to use is satin so that the slippers don’t hurt your feet.

  1. The color of the hotel slippers

Although hotel slippers are mainly white, other colors can be made by fresh production. We have white fabrics available all the time so minimum orders are lower.

For colored slippers, the minimum order quantity must be 10.000 pieces. If this is not the case, it will be impossible to make slippers in any other color.

Ulen Textile provides customized slippers for hotels.

We have many options for slippers to suit your needs and budget.
Hotel slippers are a remarkable choice. They can be personalized with your logo or made to your specifications if necessary.
We offer non-woven slippers and white slippers made of soft terry or Velour toweling, with a different sole.
For more information, visit Ulen’s team

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